Ant Insurance introduces short-term MPPI

Following the success of its short-term income protection, Ant Insurance has added an MPPI (mortgage payment protection insurance) product to its portfolio of short-term protection products. 

Ant Insurance’s MPPI product is designed to be flexible, making essential financial protection appropriate and affordable for all budgets.

MPPI will now be available online from Ant Insurance for just 38p per £100 of cover.

The product is extremely flexible, offering a choice of accident sickness and unemployment, or some of these covers only .There is a  range of back-to-day-one and 30 to 180 day excess alternatives for accident and sickness; making it ideally suitable for the public sector and those with generous company benefits.

Premiums are age banded, so the younger you are the cheaper the premium, and the cost is frozen for the life of the policy.

It also offers a choice of benefit periods of 3, 6 or 12 months, designed to provide policyholders affordable financial protection until they are able to get back into employment.

The policy protects up to 100% of mortgage payments together with an additional allowance of up to 25% for associated mortgage costs to a maximum of £1,500 per month or 75% of net monthly income, whichever is the lesser.

John Needham, Director and founder of Ant Insurance comments: “Our product addresses the controversy surrounding MPPI products head on.  It has been designed so that it can exactly meet the requirements of our customers, so they only get protection that they need and can claim on, and this is reflected in the price.”


A 25-year-old woman has an employment contract that will give her three months’ full pay if she is off sick or has an accident.  However the contract only provides one month’s notice period if she is made redundant.

With MPPI from Ant Insurance, she can now un-bundle the Accident (A), Sickness (S) and Unemployment (U) elements so that she has A and S cover deferred by three months, but unemployment cover back to day one.  This matches her employment contract exactly so she is only protected by insurance in the areas her contract doesn’t cover, and only pays for the cover she needs.

She may also feel that six months is a reasonable timeframe to find alternative employment and so can choose to receive benefit to cover her mortgage payments for just six months for each individual claim, rather than the standard 12 months, and further reduce her monthly premiums.  The cost for this cover would be just £1.15 per month per £100 of cover.

John Needham concludes: “Unless homeowners have sufficient savings to see them through a period of three months or more with no income, then they should have either ASU mortgage payment protection or Income Protection Insurance (ASU) in place, and this should form the cornerstone of homeowners’ financial protection planning.  Having reliable protection from a standalone provider is a must.”


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Ant Insurance introduces short-term MPPI
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