Alcohol abuse 'puts children at risk'

An expert has stressed the importance of tackling alcoholism as swiftly as possible, pointing out that years of abuse can take a heavy toll on entire families as well as individual addicts.

Don Shenker - chief executive of charity Alcohol Concern - explained that while there is a growing acceptance of the damaging impact alcohol addiction can have on children, action is required to minimise the problem.

"It is now more recognised that although alcohol misuse sometimes stays more hidden than drug misuse, it is equally damaging," he observed. "Alcohol misuse within families plays a significant role in reducing positive outcomes for children."

Mr Shenker also pointed out that alcoholism can go unnoticed and untreated for longer, allowing patterns of behaviour associated with the condition to become "entrenched" and therefore potentially more difficult to resolve.

The organisation recently launched a series of events in London, Manchester and Cardiff to provide training for professionals looking to improve their own skills in handling alcohol misuse.

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Alcohol abuse 'puts children at risk'
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