Adjustable breast implants developed

Women considering cosmetic surgery to alter asymmetrical breasts might be interested to learn that the first adjustable aesthetic breast implant has been developed.

Dr Hilton Becker, a cosmetic surgeon practising in Florida, presented his studies on the Spectra implants to the Brazilian medical community at the end of last year.

His invention has the unique feature of a volume regulation system, allowing adjustments to be made during surgery to attain the ideal breast size.

Dr Becker developed the Spectra because patients who had asymmetrical breasts have often been disappointed with the results of using a different sized prostheses to compensate for this difference.

He explained the further benefits: "With Spectra, operating time is reduced, since there is no need to test different prosthesis sizes during the procedure."

The implants work by holding a small inner chamber that can be filled with variable amounts of saline or left completely empty.

Filling the chamber will give increased projection without palpable firmness; this can be done during or after the surgery.

Dr Becker has also pioneered sub-areola or scarless breast lifts, used to treat sagging of the breast and one-stage scarless breast reconstruction.



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Adjustable breast implants developed
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