10-year-old boy youngest ever to get gastric band

Ksithijj Jindger, aged 10, is now the world’s youngest gastric band patient.  

After reaching 20 stone at such a young age, the schoolboy’s parents were desperate for help.  He had been fed calorie-rich, fattening meals for years, and his weight had steadily increased out of control:

  • 8 stone by the age of 3
  • 14 stone by the time he was 5
  • 16 ½ stone by his 7th birthday
  • 20 stone by the time he was 9 ½.

Ksithijj’s parents saw their GP, who advised them to follow a strict diet and exercise programme, but they decided to seek surgical assistance for Ksithijj’s weight loss.  His parents found a private sugeon in India who was prepared to operate.

Thankfully it was a success.  Ksithijj lost his huge appetite and dropped 9 stone in the first year, making him 11 stone at the age of 11.  ‘He used to be so overweight, we worried he might die before he saw his 11th birthday.’ said Ksithijj’s mother. 

‘We did not understand we were doing the wrong thing’ she explained.  ‘He loved eating and I wanted to spoilt him, but his weight got out of hand.’

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group, leading providers of weight loss surgery in the UK, said "At The Hospital Group in the UK, we are receiving more enquiries from younger patients.  However, at The Hospital Group, we only operate on over 18′s.  Weight-loss surgery is not normally carried out on teenagers under 16 in the UK and is certainly not advisable on someone so young.   

"However, this case does illustrate how quickly over-eating and choosing the wrong foods can become deeply ingrained habits causing weight gain.

"Ksithijj was able to lose weight as the gastric band reduced his appetite.  He also learned to eat healthier curries with more vegetables, so a better quality of diet would satisfy his hunger better as well as being healthier for his body.  We would not advocate surgery on children, but we do wish Ksithijj all the best with his continued weight loss." 

The Hospital Group is the UK’s leading provider of weight loss and cosmetic surgery, offering gastric band, bypass, sleeve and balloon procedures.  The Company includes extensive aftercare with one to one support from specialist dietitians.  They only use professional, GMC registered bariatric surgeons.  Consultations are available nationwide, while surgical procedures take place in highly equipped operating theatres in the world’s biggest private bariatric surgery hospital.

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10-year-old boy youngest ever to get gastric band
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