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The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic: high quality microsurgical reversal of vasectomy in the UK

Logo - The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic: high quality microsurgical reversal of vasectomy in the UK

The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital in Surrey offers high quality microsurgical reversal of vasectomy, even if a previous reversal operation was unsuccessful. All operations are carried out by Mr Michael Swinn, Consultant Urological Surgeon, under general anaesthetic using a high powered operating microscope to achieve a microsurgical anastomosis.


If required, sperm retrieval can be carried out at the time of the vasectomy reversal. It is analysed by an embryologist in theatre to assess its quality and quantity. Cryopreservation (freezing) of either retrieved spermatozoa (sperms) or testicular tissue can then be carried out for later use, if required.


Success rates at the Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic aims to achieve the very best results possible and is proud that its overall success rate approaches 90% (with success being defined as the presence of viable spermatozoa in a postoperative semen sample). For those whose vasectomy was within the previous 4 years the success rate is greater than 90%.

Michael Swinn video

View a video of the vasectomy reversal procedure performed by Mr Swinn

Private Healthcare UK helps patients to make an informed choice in deciding which is the right vasectomy reversal clinic for them. We provide videos of leading surgeons who talk about their services and treatments available in their clinic.


Mr Swinn is featured in this video performing a vasectomy reversal procedure at the clinic.


View the Vasectomy Reversal Clinic profile video


The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic website: www.vasectomyreversal-clinic.co.uk


Michael Swinn: Consultant urological surgeon

The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic at Spire Gatwick Park is run by Mr Michael Swinn. He is Consultant Urological Surgeon and Lead Clinician at The Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust. He qualified from The Middlesex Hospital in 1991 and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1996.

Mr Swinn - The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic: high quality microsurgical reversal of vasectomy in the UK

Mr Swinn developed an interest in male infertility while training at Charing Cross Hospital and was trained in microsurgical reversal of vasectomy in Brisbane, Australia, where he undertook a Fellowship in 2003.


What happens during vasectomy reversal?

A vasectomy involves cutting the tubes which carry sperms away from the testicle (each is called a vas). Around 4% of men undergoing a vasectomy subsequently require it to be reversed. In essence, the reversal operation involves finding the site of the previous vasectomy on both sides, removing any scar tissue and delicately joining the two ends together. Read more about the reversal operation.


What happens after the vasectomy reversal operation?

It is important to allow time for the joins to heal properly before returning to normal activity. Ideally, patients should have 8-10 days off work following surgery, although earlier return to work may be possible, depending on the level of activity involved.

Patients should be relatively sedentary during this post-operative period and should “put their feet up” for the first 48 hours or so after going home. A dissolvable suture is put into the skin at the end of the operation so that it does not need to be removed.

Michael Swinn: Consultant Urological Surgeon

All patients are given Mr Swinn’s phone number and are free to contact him after discharge from hospital if they have any concerns.  


Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic is sited at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital in Surrey. It is situated near to the M25 just off the M23, very close to London Gatwick Airport.  It is a modern private hospital with excellent facilities and equipment. All patients are given a private room with modern comforts.

Men travel from across the UK to visit Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, which is conveniently located for patients from locations in south east England such as London, Guildford, Crawley, Croydon, Tonbridge, Leatherhead and Tunbridge Wells.

How much will vasectomy reversal cost?

The initial consultation is £150. It is generally much better for men considering a vasectomy reversal to have a face to face consultation and examination with Mr Swinn beforehand.

Patients’ partners are very welcome to attend the consultation. In fact, Mr Swinn positively encourages it. 

The total cost of a microsurgical reversal of vasectomy at The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic ranges from £2970 this includes:

Spire Gatwick Park Hospital
  • the surgeon’s fee
  • the anaesthetist’s fee
  • the hospital fee
  • overnight stay
  • use of the surgical theatre including operating microscope
  • semen analysis at 3 months post surgery
  • follow up consultation

If you would like to know more about treatment at the Vasectomy Reversal Clinic read the frequently asked questions and testimonials.



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Mr Swinn at The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

Povey Cross Road






To make an appointment: (01293) 778919

Mr Swinn's secretary: (01737) 212346 (for informal enquiries or further information)


Email: info@vasectomyreversalclinic.co.uk

Web:   www.vasectomyreversal-clinic.co.uk