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Spire Healthcare: Private spinal surgery in the UK

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Expert spinal surgery for all back conditions, including prolapsed disc, spinal stenosis and sponylolisthesis, at a network of leading private hospitals, nationwide.

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Where can I get private spinal surgery in the UK?

Spire Healthcare works with experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons to provide expert surgery for back conditions at 38 award winning hospitals throughout the UK.  

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Why do I need spinal surgery?

Back pain and pain radiating down the buttocks and leg (sciatica) are caused when the nerves in the spine get trapped or compressed.  This may happen when the cushioning discs between the vertebrae bulge out (disc prolapse/slipped disc), or when the vertebrae slip out of position (spondylolisthesis).   Ageing and inflammation can also cause narrowing of the spinal canal compressing the spinal root nerves in the lower back, or less commonly in the neck (spinal stenosis).  Back surgery may be necessary where:

  • Back pain and/or leg pain is not alleviated by any medications
  • Back and/or leg pain has been treated by non-surgical means for a few weeks or months without relief
  • The ability to move and carry out everyday tasks is seriously compromised
  • There are severe symptoms such as progressive muscle weakness or bladder control problems

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Quick access to spinal surgery

Spire Healthcare offers quick and convenient access to a choice of specialist spinal surgeons.  All orthopaedic surgery is performed in state-of-the-art operating theatres with laminar airflow technology that cleans the air during surgery, and the hospitals themselves rate among the best in the country for cleanliness and infection control.

Patients are cared for in private rooms with entertainment facilities and ensuite bathrooms.  Food is freshly prepared by an in-house chef to suit all tastes, and visitors are welcome at any time of the day, making recuperation as pleasant an experience as possible.  A physiotherapist will make sure that a patient is fully mobile before discharge from hospital.

Surgery for back pain at Spire Healthcare

There are many different surgical treatments for back pain, depending on the cause of the problem, and the highly experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons at Spire Healthcare are able to advise on the best treatment options.  The procedures that they most commonly perform include:


A discectomy is a surgical procedure to remove part or all of the spinal disc that is bulging out and causing nerve compression.  Discectomy is a common and successful procedure, relieving back and leg pain in most patients.

Nerve root or spinal decompression surgery

Nerve root or spinal decompression surgery is used in conditions such as spinal stenosis and involves removing any bone or tissue that is compressing the spinal nerves or spinal cord.  The operation is very successful in relieving leg symptoms, but does not improve back pain.

Spinal fusion surgery

Spinal fusion surgery is used in cases of incapacitating back pain where there is abnormal and excessive movement of the vertebrae, such as spondylolisthesis.  The vertebrae are made stable by joining them together with metal implants or bone grafts.

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How can I get private spinal surgery at Spire Healthcare?

Spire Healthcare welcomes both patients with private health insurance and those who wish to pay for their treatment

International patients seeking spinal surgery can find information and help with all the arrangements needed to access treatment in the UK at Spire Healthcare's dedicated division, Spire International.

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Treatments available

  • Discectomy
  • Nerve root or spinal decompression surgery
  • Spinal fusion surgery



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