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Sleep disorders : Articles and features

Our articles and features are written by some of the UK's leading consultants, dentists, medical professionals and healthcare writers.

  • What is stopping you getting a good night's sleep? Lack of sleep can hamper concentrationHow many of us really get enough sleep? Do you bounce out of bed on a Monday morning, or struggle to open your eyes? Sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. Eight hours a night is considered the...
  • Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting enough sleep?Lack of sleep can be a big problem. In this article, Dr Ian Smith discusses the eaffects of lack of sleep on one's health, highlights the more serious problems relating to sleep deprivation and...
  • The causes of snoring and some relevant treatments snoringSnoring is a medical problem that affects everyone occasionally, however if snoring starts to become a regular occurrence then it can start to affect the quality of yours and your partner's sleep.
  • Sleep Apnea: What is it and can it be cured? Sleep disorders 'down to people being too busy'Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder which causes sufferers to stop breathing or to have abnormally low breathing for brief periods of time during sleep. The pause in breathing is known as an 'Apnea'.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and Driving Many UK motorists 'suffer from sleep disorders'It is believed that about 20% of car accidents are sleep related and research has shown that it can impair driving more than drink.
  • Get a good night's sleep Lack of sleep can hamper concentrationInsomnia is one of the most common conditions seen by GPs. In this article, Dr Fiona McAndrew discusses the different types of insomnia and what can be done about the problem.
  • Sleep deprivation – a major problem? Exhausted manSleep deprivation problems occur when people do not get sufficient sleep to complete the natural sleep cycles – including REM or dream sleep – over a prolonged period of time. This can cause a range...
  • Insomnia treatment – does it work? InsomniaInsomnia is a sleeping disorder where you experience chronic (long term) disrupted sleep. You may have great difficulty trying to get to sleep, stay asleep, or feel that when you have slept you still...
  • What is narcolepsy? NarcolepsyNarcolepsy is a chronic neurological condition affecting the area of the brain that regulates sleeping and waking. Throughout the day, people with narcolepsy will feel strong urges to go to sleep and...