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Castle Craig Hospital : One of Europe’s Top Rehab Clinics

Castle Craig Hospital drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Scotland

Located in Scotland, Castle Craig Hospital is one of Europe’s leading drug and alcohol rehab clinics, delivering inpatient treatment for people with addictive diseases. They have over 23 years' experience in the provision of residential addiction treatment programmes to help people overcome drug addiction using the Minnesota Model, or '12 step treatment'.


Why choose Castle Craig?

Castle Craig has been providing expert addiction treatment for over two decades and has delivered outstanding success rates for nearly 10,000 patients. The team of highly experienced consultant psychiatrists, certified addiction therapists, addiction trained nurses, doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors, fitness instructors and physiotherapists ensures an exceptional level of service, treatment and lasting success.


12 reasons why:


1. Their treatment works

2. They offer more

3. They cost less

4. Privacy in 50 acres of beautiful countryside

5. 30 years of expertise and over 8,000 patients treated

6. Recognised by other experts

7. Over 90% patient satisfaction rate

8. Full time Consultant Psychiatrist and team of specialist doctors

9. They innovate – they follow new evidence based treatment, and conduct their own research

10. Quick assessment and admission

11. Recognised by major health insurers

12. Each patient matters – even after treatment


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Clinic video profile: View an addiction treatment clinic profile

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Castle Craig is a featured clinic video profile focusing on addiction treatment in Scotland.


View Castle Craig's clinic video

Do you have an addiction problem?

Castle Craig is a residential rehabilitation centre which treats alcoholism, drug abuse and many other addictions.

Read more about Castle Craig - a world-renowned rehabilitation centre.


Castle Craig is registered with the Scottish Care Commission and is a contractor to the NHS. They are a preferred provider to major UK medical insurers and are recognised by the Dutch healthcare system and other governments outside the UK.


Castle Craig is located in the Borders of Scotland, within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle and Newcastle. For patients living in London and overseas, Edinburgh and Glasgow have international airports and mainline national rail stations.


Residential addiction rehabilitation at Castle Craig Hospital

At the Castle Craig alcohol rehabilitation centre in Scotland, abstinence from drugs and alcohol is essential. Treatment leads to a new direction in achieving a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is the beginning of a life-long journey in recovery with sober friends and strong support networks.


The 12 Steps

The addiction treatment delivered to patients at Castle Craig Hospital is known as Twelve Step Treatment (or the Minnesota Model). This is the most widely used treatment for alcoholism, drug and gambling addiction in the western world.



Addiction is viewed as a disease and complete abstinence from all mind-altering drugs is necessary for long-lasting recovery.



Detox is a vital part of addiction treatment. At Castle Craig individual detoxification plans are personalised to ensure that detox is both as safe and as comfortable as possible.


Castle Craig Hospital : Alcohol addiction treatment in Peeblesshire, Scotland


Personal and group therapy

The personalised addiction treatment programme is intensively structured and there is an overall consistency and clarity of focus. Each patient is assigned a focal therapist (cursor) who will conduct individual psychotherapy. Group therapy sessions are held twice daily. Specialised group therapy includes:



Castle Craig Hospital : Addiction treatment in Scotland

Educational therapy

The psycho-educational lecture component reinforces the group process and patients receive approximately 60 lectures during the six-week treatment period. The daily lectures by the clinical team cover a broad range of topics including:


  • The illness of addiction
  • Relapse prevention
  • Assertiveness training
  • The medical complications of addiction
  • The Twelve Steps


What else can I expect from Castle Craig Hospital?


  • Complementary therapies such as artwork, equine therapy, massage, acupuncture and drumming therapy

  • Extended care for patients with complex needs e.g. those who have co-morbid eating disorders, other addictive behaviours, chronic severe dependence, post traumatic stress disorders, depression or significant affective disorders

  • Exercise and fitness - all patients have a minimum of three physical activity sessions per week, as part of their treatment programme

  • Family therapy - alcohol and drug addiction does not affect just one person, the whole family suffers


After care and discharge planning

The importance of aftercare and discharge planning is emphasised throughout the treatment period. For some patients a period of time in the extended care programme will prove invaluable. At the end of treatment the patient will be referred back to the general practitioner or any other medical practitioners involved in their care. Essential support networks include the 12 step fellowships and contacts within these fellowships will be arranged by the patient’s therapist.


View a 20-minute video about what Castle Craig Hospital can offer you: meet the therapists and see the facilities.



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Contact details

Castle Craig Hospital

West Linton



EH46 7DH


Manager of patient admissions: Jillian Johnstone


Tel: +44 (0)1721 722 763

Fax: +44 (0)1721 752 662


Freephone: 0800 0322 880 


Email: enquiries@castlecraig.co.uk

Web: www.castlecraig.co.uk


Complete the online contact form.


Telephone lines are open 24 hours a day.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or are looking for advice.


For enquiries from The Netherlands, please contact the Dutch office on:

Castle Craig Nederland 

Wassenaarseweg 33



Tel: +31 (0)70 34 56 028 

Fax: +31 (0)70 36 08 296


Email: info@castlecraig.nl 

Web: www.castlecraig.nl