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Drever Associates: Expert treatment for depression

Drever Associates

Drever Associates is a boutique psychiatric practice in Surrey, specialising exclusively in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress.

As the only practice in the UK with this specific focus, Drever Associates offers a unique service, combining clinical experience with superlative levels of customer care.

The team of expert practitioners at Drever Associates works with individuals from around the world to develop effective, results-focused recovery plans for the treatment of depression – and all from the calm seclusion of an elegant country haven less than an hour from London.
Drever Associates House

What is depression?

Make no mistake. Depression is a serious, widespread medical condition which blights the lives around one in ten of the population.

When most people think of depression, low mood comes to mind. Whilst this is certainly a central feature of the illness, depression is a lot more, and is probably best viewed as a collection of various features which may be present to varying degrees.

For example, some of the following may be found:

  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Lack of energy
  • Memory and concentration difficulties
  • Disrupted, unrefreshing sleep
  • Loss of appetite or lack of enjoyment in food
  • Thoughts of bleakness, hopelessness and even suicide

What treatments are available?

There is good news. Depression is a treatable condition which can respond well to a variety of different inputs.

Essentially, these fall into two main categories:  taking therapies (psychology) and medication. Often, these may be used in combination, while at other times, individuals may feel more comfortable trying one or the other.

For many people, psychological treatments are the cornerstone of their recovery, and one of the most powerful and well-validated approaches is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT works to provide a ‘toolkit’ of skills to get well in the present and to stay well in the future; for instance, by changing unhelpful thought processes which may be keeping the depression going. Other types of psychology can be more reflective and exploratory, examining difficult episodes from the past.

If medication is appropriate then numerous choices are available, including modern, non-addictive options.

Drever Associates Consultation

Case Study: Turning depression around

Adam was a 44-year old executive in the IT industry who had been ‘out of sorts’ for at least a year. No longer was he able to enjoy his job or contact with peers, and various activities had fallen away. At times, Adam could feel bleak, empty and down, and would wonder what the point of life was. His wife noticed that he had become increasingly irritable over minor events, and was concerned by his lack of sleep.

After a discussion with his GP, Adam was referred for specialist treatment at Drever Associates, where a full assessment was conducted and a diagnosis of a moderate depressive disorder was made. Read more about Adam’s treatment journey and ongoing recovery.
Drever Associates Groups

Services offered by Drever Associates

Drever Associates offers a complete range of therapeutic services, providing a convenient, one-stop centre of excellence for the treatment of depression.

Residential treatment

The fastest and most assertive way to take control of depression is to step away from the pressures of daily life and into a safe and supportive cocoon where rapid recovery can take place. With an intensive daily therapy programme designed to tackle the illness at its very root, it’s no wonder that residential treatment is such a popular option. Learn more about the benefits of residential treatment.

Day Hospital treatment

When work or family commitments mean that it’s difficult to take too much time off, then regular attendance on a specialist Day Hospital programme could be the answer. Working with similar individuals in small groups led by experienced psychologists, Day Hospital sessions provide a flexible way to access the power of group therapy in a supportive community. Learn more about Day Hospital treatment.

Concierge Care

For a truly tailor-made experience, Concierge Care is an ultra-premium service providing discreet, flexible treatment. Following an individual assessment at a location of the patient’s choice, a completely bespoke treatment plan will be drawn up, bringing together a collection of hand-picked clinicians to deliver an experience of unparalleled privacy and exclusivity. Learn more about the privileges of Concierge Care.

Individual Therapy

The opportunity to explore depressive feelings with trained practitioners can be a powerful and unburdening experience. Drever Associates has established a referral network of tried and trusted Clinical Psychologists throughout London and surrounding areas who are able to provide responsive, personalised treatment sessions. Learn more about individual therapy.

Drever Associates Patients Outside

The location

Drever Associates has based their clinic in an upmarket private hospital near Woking, Surrey. Set in acres of private grounds, it provides an oasis of calm and wellbeing, offering twenty-six elegant en-suite rooms, caring and attentive staff, good food, and a great sense of support and community. A safe, welcoming haven, this hospital provides the perfect environment in which to step away from everyday pressures, gain insight and acquire the skills necessary to feel better. Read more about the partner property of Drever Associates.

Next steps...

Any treatment journey starts with an individual hour-long assessment. As part of this, a thorough evaluation will be conducted, followed by a discussion of the diagnosis and a presentation of the various treatment options. Beyond that, the treatment plan will evolve in whichever way feels most comfortable, whether it be group or individual therapy, with or without medication and at a pace which suits.

Sunlight through the leaves Drever Associates


Take the first step to getting well. Caroline is the PA at Drever Associates, offering calm, professional and discreet information and advice. Caroline can be reached on 0845 11 22 300, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, please visit the Drever Associates website for more details or to send an email enquiry. Naturally, all enquiries will be treated in absolute confidence.


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United Kingdom

Telephone: 0845 11 22 300


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Website: www.dreverassociates.com





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