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Priory Group: Alcohol addiction treatment in the UK

The Priory Group

The Priory Group is a leading independent provider of addiction treatment services. Priory is unique because it offers more individual treatment time and has more patients in treatment than any other UK provider. At any point in time, Priory has between 100 and 110 patients in a variety of addiction treatment programmes across 15 hospitals, helping over 1,200 people with addictions issues annually. For a free confidential addiction assessment at your nearest Priory hospital, please click here.


The Priory believes that alcohol addiction is a life-threatening illness and that recovery is a positive, life-affirming process. Their abstinence-based addiction treatment programme usually incorporates a hospital stay of 28 days or more, supported by 12 months of structured aftercare.

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Private alcohol addiction programme in the UK

The Priory offers an intense and carefully planned inpatient programme whereby patients work on their behavioural and thought processes for eight or nine hours a day in group therapy, as well as in individual sessions with their psychiatrists and trained therapists. Priory's addiction treatment programme offers people with substance misuse issues the best opportunity to make a crucial change in their lives when they are ready to do so.


The Priory recognises that an inpatient stay is not possible for all of the patients who require their services, so they have also developed highly successful day patient and outpatient addiction treatment services.


The Priory also offers support and advice to family members who often play an instrumental role in helping the patient recognise their need for help, and who have had to deal with the impact of their loved one's addiction. They run weekly family support programmes to improve the quality of family relationships, help families understand the facts and dispel the myths about addiction and allow them to learn from the strength and experiences of others.


On successful completion of their inpatient programme, some patients may benefit from a period of extended care on a daycare or outpatient basis; the duration and intensity of which depends on each individual's needs.


All patients who have completed a 28 day programme are encouraged to attend a free weekly aftercare programme for 12 months for additional support and guidance in the early stages of recovery. According to a recent outcome study, up to 62% of Priory patients maintain total abstinence one year after discharge and enjoy a significantly improved quality of life.

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Residential rehabilitation service at the Priory Clinic Nottingham

The residential rehabilitation service at the Priory Clinic Nottingham is available for individuals who have undergone drug or alcohol detoxification treatment and require longer-term support to successfully reintegrate into the community. The service combines group and one-on-one therapy and focuses on completion of the full 12-step programme, whilst developing life skills that are critical to social reintegration.


The multidisciplinary team of consultants, nurses and therapists provide tailored packages to suit the individual. It is recognised that family therapy is an important part of treatment, and the clinic offers a family programme to families of service users, which is available for one year after discharge.


As part of the residential rehabilitation service, individuals will be expected to maintain a degree of independence, for example menu planning and meal preparation, budgeting and cleaning of their own bedroom. As such, a kitchen is available for the exclusive use of individuals undergoing this programme.


Individuals will also be required to register with a local GP and undergo work experience or volunteering placements, with the opportunity to undertake further education courses. In addition, anyone undergoing the programme is expected to attend external AA or NA meetings.


The service is available to both men and women over the age of 18 with a history of drug, alcohol or poly-substance dependence, including dual diagnosis.


Alcohol addiction centres in the UK

The Priory has numerous alcohol addiction treatment clinics and hospitals throughout the UK. Please select one of the following for further information:

Residential services

Out-patient services



Equine assisted psychotherapy

Most equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) programmes are based on the belief that people who are susceptible to addictions have a baseline of unresolved historic trauma creating an unbearable level of anxiety that leads to self-medication with alcohol, drugs, food, sex and other behaviours. EAP successfully helps treat addictions patients by providing a powerful and moving experiential therapy for trauma resolution that incorporates teaching and practising essential life skills; riding is not a part of EAP.

The Priory Group has incorporated EAP programmes as part of our highly successful addiction treatment programmes at the Priory Hospital North London and the Priory Hospital Roehampton.


Adolescent addiction treatment

Psychiatric disorders are three times more common among young people who use alcohol regularly than among teenagers who do not drink.  As a response to this The Priory Hospital North London has launched a new adolescent addictions treatment unit for young people aged 12 - 18 with alcohol problems.


Early intervention is essential for successful clinical outcomes and quality of life.  Any teenager with a family history of drug or alcohol abuse and/or a lack of social skills can move rapidly from experimentation to patterns of serious abuse or dependency.



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The Priory welcomes patients from the NHS and the independent sector. They accept referrals from GPs, consultant psychiatrists, CAMHS, general adult psychiatry services, drug and alcohol services, and psychotherapists. The Priory also accept self-referrals for their addictions treatment programme via a free addictions assessment.


The majority of referrals are made through the patient's GP. A referral can be made to the appropriate hospital's Admissions Office by telephone, email, fax or in writing. The Admissions Office then passes the patient's details on to the appropriate consultant psychiatrist. The Priory accepts 24/7 referrals. Urgent or out-of-hours appointments and admissions can be arranged immediately by telephoning the appropriate hospital.


To make a referral please contact the relevant hospital.


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