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Drever Associates: Priory

Drever Associates: Expert treatment for alcohol dependence

Drever Associates

When you've made the decision to stop drinking, the team at Drever Associates is ready to help.


There's always a reason why people use alcohol - to numb, to escape, to forget. Unfortunately, alcohol addiction can become all-consuming. Relentlessly, it destroys everything: money, health, career, relationships. However, with a dedication to change, there is a way out.


Drever Associates is a boutique medical practice in Surrey, offering a powerful, respected twelve-step alcohol treatment programme in partnership with the Priory Hospital Woking. Over the course of twenty-eight intensive days, this treatment works to uncover the reasons for drinking, and to find new ways of living.


Step away from the outside world into a safe, supportive cocoon, where the experts will help to bring about lifelong change. With a combination of small-group and individual treatment, this programme is designed to leave no stone unturned, and to tackle alcohol addiction at its very root.

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What is alcohol dependence?

It is estimated that about one in thirteen adults in the UK are dependent on alcohol. Typically, some of the following features will be present:

  • a strong desire to drink alcohol
  • difficulty controlling the use of alcohol
  • persistent alcohol use
  • increasing tolerance to the effects of alcohol
  • withdrawal features when suddenly stopping alcohol


Are you in the CAGE?

An effective way of checking whether there may features of alcohol dependence is to take the CAGE questionnaire; if you can answer ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions, then alcohol may be causing more problems than you think.


  1. Have you ever felt you should Cut down on your drinking?
  2. Do you ever get Annoyed when others criticise your drinking?
  3. Do you ever feel Guilty about your drinking?
  4. Do you ever have a drink in the morning as an Eye-opener?


Drever Associates Groups

A life without alcohol is possible - let the professionals show you how. 

The intensive treatment package for alcohol addiction offered by Drever Associates is a complete service which offers all the following, in a comfortable, elegant environment:

Expert treatment on a respected alcohol programme

Over twenty-eight focused days, you’ll take part in group and individual sessions, including specific exercises tailored to your particular circumstances. In the early part of your journey, you’ll complete a Life Story, which systematically examines everything that has taken you to where you are now. Other exercises including the AA Step One, build on this.


Medical care

At the beginning of your treatment, a doctor will provide a medical check-up, including a thorough blood screen. These results will be discussed with you and lifestyle recommendations made in order to maximise your long-term health. In addition, the services of a house doctor will be at your disposal throughout your stay.


Detox and medication

If required, medically-assisted detoxification will be provided, allowing alcohol to leave your system safely and comfortably. High-intensity vitamin supplementation is often also provided, as are any other medications required for overall health.


Consultant Reviews

Appointments throughout the week with Dr Ian Drever, Consultant Psychiatrist, to monitor progress and implement treatment changes as necessary.

Weekly family support sessions

Families and loved ones can sometimes feel excluded from the process of recovery, so this programme offers weekly family sessions, enabling them to be part of the long-term solution to help keep you well.


Daycare and secondary treatment

Further daycare sessions can be arranged after discharge, to enable a smoother step-down of care, once you’re back at home. If required, Drever Associates also has links with excellent secondary-care facilities, allowing you to continue your recovery for several more months.



At the end of twenty eight days, the support continues, with weekly aftercare meetings provided for a full year.


Attendance at local recovery meetings

In the evenings, attendance is arranged at local AA meetings, where you'll be able to form links and build a long-term support network.


Lifestyle and professional services

24-hour nursing and medical support

All meals and private en-suite accommodation

Drever Associates Patients Outside

The location

Drever Associates has based their clinic in an upmarket private hospital near Woking, Surrey. Set in acres of private grounds, it provides an oasis of calm and wellbeing, offering twenty-six elegant en-suite rooms, caring and attentive staff, good food, and a great sense of support and community. A safe, welcoming haven, this hospital provides the perfect environment in which to step away from everyday pressures, gain insight and acquire the skills necessary to feel better. Read more about the partner property of Drever Associates.

Next steps...

Any treatment journey starts with an individual hour-long assessment. As part of this, a thorough evaluation will be conducted, followed by a discussion of the diagnosis and a presentation of the various treatment options.

Drever Associates Caroline contact


Take the first step to getting well. Caroline is the PA at Drever Associates, offering calm, professional and discreet information and advice. Caroline can be reached on 0845 11 22 300, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, please visit the Drever Associates website for more details or to send an enquiry. Naturally, all contact will be treated in absolute confidence.


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Contact details

Drever Associates

Priory Hospital Woking

Chobham Road

Knaphill, Woking


GU21 2QF

United Kingdom

Telephone: 0845 11 22 300


Email: via website

Website: www.dreverassociates.com





  • Attending local AA meetings
  • Consultant reviews
  • Daycare and secondary treatment
  • Detox and medication
  • Lifestyle and professional services
  • Medical care
  • Weekly family support sessions