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Why choose Healthier Weight?

Healthier Weight are dedicated weight-loss specialists.  Their mission is simply stated: to help those who are overweight and obese to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. 


The Healthier Weight team includes specialist bariatric nurses, nutritionists and Health Educators, all of whom are committed to your success.  They have a truly world class faculty of bariatric surgeons, some of whom continue to pioneer developments in surgical techniques for weight loss. 


Your initial consultation

If you are interested in surgery, you should attend an initial consultation with a Patient Care Coordinators (PCC).  This will give you an opportunity to discuss the procedures currently available and to ask as many questions as you like about the risks and benefits of each.  It is most important that you have all your questions answered before the procedure. 


Professional care before, during and after your surgery            

It is very important to remember that the surgical procedure itself is just the beginning.  What matters at least as much is your commitment to making substantive and permanent changes in your lifestyle.  This is not easy, which is Healthier Weight place such a strong emphasis on long-term post-operative support.  A member of the Healthier Weight Team will be allocated to you before, during and after the surgical procedure.  This means that from the time of your initial consultation to the beginning of your post-operative care, a member of the team will be with you and available to answer your questions and concerns.  Experience suggests that people find it reassuring to have this close support at each step in the process.  You should also be reassured to know that the most important consideration at every stage is your safety. The Healthier Weight After Care Programme includes:


  • Regular clinic reviews with specialist bariatric (obesity) consultants

  • Continuing personal support from your bariatric nurse and Health Educator

  • Post-operative behavioural programme

  • Monthly patient support group

  • 24-hour Emergency Helpline

  • Post operative nutritional advice and support

  • (For gastric band patients) a comprehensive band fill service

  • Healthier Weight guide book following obesity surgery


Your new life

The beneficial effects of weight-loss surgery will have a positive impact on almost every area of your life.  As you begin to lose weight you will feel less tired, sleep better, have fewer aches and pains and feel more able to get involved in regular physical activity.  You will feel more confident in your appearance and better about yourself.  Moreover, because you will be much less likely to develop obesity-associated diseases such as diabetes, raised blood pressure (hypertension) and cancer, you will be less worried about the long term health implications of your weight problems.  If you already suffer from any of these conditions, you can expect to either reduce or discontinue your medication and to have a much lower risk of complications. 

Not a quick fix option!

Whilst obesity surgery is a remarkably safe and effective form of treatment, it is emphatically NOT a “solution” in the sense that once you have the operation you are cured.  It is not a magic bullet and will not guarantee results without complete commitment on your part and the continuing support of the Healthier Weight team. 


There are three things which make success with the band – we call this the success tripod, because if any “leg” is missing, then you will fail.   Firstly the band must be implanted correctly – which is why we only use the most experienced surgeons.  Secondly, you will need long-term expert after care and support which we provide through the skills and experience of the Healthier Weight team.  The final leg of the tripod – and the crucial one - is you.  You have to be genuinely committed to working with the surgery to achieve your weight loss goals. This includes paying close attention to nutrition, eating patterns and regular physical activity.  If you are genuinely willing to do this, then you have an excellent chance of success and changing your life – for good!


Your Patient Care Coordinator will talk through these and other points with you at the time of your initial consultation.


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