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The Harley Street Nutrition Clinic: Weight Loss Treatment in London

Claudia Louch at the Harley Street Nutrition Clinic in London is a renowned Nutritionist and Health Scientist. Her customised weight loss approach is based on the Set Point Principle, and cannot be compared with any other diet, as it is does not calorie count, nor exclude any important food groups.  

Claudia Louch at the Harley Street Nutrition Clinic
Claudia Louch at the Harley Street Nutrition Clinic

Highly experienced nutritionist and health scientist

Claudia Louch (BSc Hons MCPP MSc MPharm MNutr) studied Phytomedicine (Botanical Medicine) to degree level and underwent a three-year rigorous clinical training program. Following a Masters in Drug Discovery she studied for a second Masters Degree at the Department for Nutrition and Dietetics at King’s College London, where she developed a strong interest in Obesity, Weight Management and Allergies.


Claudia Louch in the media



Claudia Louch's qualifications


  • Bsc Hons MCPP Phytomedicine

  • MSc Drug Discovery

  • MSc MNutr Human Nutrition

  • PGCert Clinical Nutrition

  • PGCert Allergic Diseases

  • PGCert Advanced Dermatology Practice


Claudia Louch is a member of the following professional bodies



What is the Set Point Principle of weight loss treatment?

Most of us are born with an optimum Set Point, which naturally maintains our genetic ideal weight. This is easily brought out of balance through inadequate and crash dieting and if the human body does not receive the correct type, composition and amount of nutrients each day.


The Set Point and dietary success are intrinsically linked.


Hence, the Set Point must be reset to its original setting, through a carefully customised and monitored approach, which is what the Set Point Diet seeks to achieve. 


How does Claudia Louch weight management work?

It was discovered in the fifties that our hormones are very much part of the weight-gain and weight-loss process. A key hormone called leptin signals the brain to control energy intake, and therefore appetite. Controlling the production of leptin is the key to weight loss success.


Claudia Louch weight management works on the principle of leptin resistance; hence each patient undergoes not only rigorous health checks prior starting his or her diet. A crucial factor is the measurement of each patient’s leptin levels, which is performed by an independent laboratory blood test, and forms the very basis for each diet plan. Each patient receives his or her customised diet plan, depending on the health history, check-up outcome, life style and dietary requirements.


Treatment of allergies and gastrointestinal diseases

Claudia also treats a range of allergic and gastrointestinal diseases, for which she had undertaken postgraduate research at Imperial College London.

The Harley Street Nutrition Clinic - The Set Point Diet

Steps to natural weight loss through the Set Point Diet

Each patient receives his or her customised diet plan, depending on their health history, check-up outcome, life style and dietary requirements.


A comprehensive blood analysis, including a leptin test, is mandatory. Further tests will depend on your case history evaluation during the consultation. The blood tests, together with the consultation, form the basis for the customisation of a patient’s diet. Once all the data is collated and your suitability and health status has been fully assessed, Claudia will customise a personal diet plan for you.


How much weight will I lose?

The average weight loss for female patients is 3kg (6.6 Pounds) within 2 weeks. The rate of weight-loss may vary and depends also on patient’s adherence and commitment to the diet. Men usually lose slightly more and may achieve a weight loss up to 5kg (11 Pounds) in 2 weeks.


Tell me more about the Claudia Louch Set Point Diet

The diet does not restrict any food groups, unless requested specifically by you, as it is designed to improve long-term health. The Set Point Diet is not a fad diet; it is based on sound scientific principles, providing the human body with all the nutrients it requires on a daily basis.


Upon successful completion of the diet program, patients will receive a maintenance diet for life.

The Harley Street Nutrition Clinic at 10 Harley Street, London

Contact details


The Harley Street Nutrition Clinic 

10 Harley Street

Tel: 020 7467 1539

Tel: 020 3170 7970


Email:     info@harleystreetnutritionclinic.com

Website: www.harleystreetnutritionclinic.com  



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