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Obesity treatment : Articles and features

Our articles and features are written by some of the UK's leading consultants, dentists, medical professionals and healthcare writers.

  • Why does a low GI diet help with weight loss? GI dietImagine a healthy and satisfying diet where blood sugar levels are stabilised, cravings are a thing of the past, and you lose weight and lower your risk of diabetes or heart disease in the process. ...
  • Obesity in children – a growing problem an obese adolescent boySeventy years ago, obesity in children was virtually unheard of. In fact, the opposite was true. During World War II, food shortages and rationing meant that many children were skinny because they...
  • Weight loss surgery - Is it safe? Obese - zip fasteningIf you're considerably overweight (with a body mass index of 35 or over) and have been unsuccessful in losing weight through traditional methods such as diet and exercise you may consider weight loss...
  • Stomach stapling: What does it involve? ObesityStomach stapling is a surgical procedure that is used if you are severely or morbidly obese and you cannot lose weight using diet and exercise. As the name suggests, stomach stapling literally...
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