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Eyesurgery Belgium: Laser eye surgery abroad

Eyesurgery belgium


Eyesurgery Belgium has two clinics in Belgium. The clinic in Kortrijk is run by Claeys Marnix M.D. while the clinic in Gent is run by Dewilde Fernand M.D.  The clinic specialises in laser eye surgery and cataract surgery, using state of the art lasers, lens exchange and secondary lens implant technology.


Eyesurgery Belgium lasik surgery
Lasik eye surgery

Treatment for refractive errors


Laser eye treatment

With the help of laser rays, the shape of the cornea is permanently changed, so the light rays are focussed onto the retina. The types of laser treatment available in Belgium are :-

  • Lasik treatment, the most common treatment, combines microsurgery with the most advanced excimer laser technology, a fast and painless treatment resulting in good sight within the first few days after the treatment. A preliminary eye examination is required to determine whether Lasik treatment is suitable for your eyes.

  • Custom Lasik, a special laser eye technique using specific software is for myopia only. After this kind of treatment, vision at night and contrast viewing is also enhanced. Patients suffer less from halos and about 50% of the treated patients also gain superior vision, called eagle eyes.

  • PRK is suitable for those with a very thin cornea as it does not require a flap to be cut. Laser rays will be directed at the superficial layer of the cornea after which protective contact lenses will be placed on the eyes.  This is a slower healing process and slower return of vision compared to Lasik. Both eyes can be treated at the same time.

  • PTK is a therapeutic treatment for returning erosions of the cornea. The laser evaporates a thin layer of the Bowman membrane and so prevents further rupture of the cornea. After treatment a protective contact lens is placed on the eye. Vision returns after a couple of days.

  • Lasek, laser-treatment for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism is suitable for those who have flap complications or a very thin cornea. Vision returns within the first days after treatment.

Eyesurgery Belgium artisan implant
Artisan eye implant

Lens exchange

A brief surgical procedure during which the patients own eye lens gets replaced by an artificial lens. The different types of lens exchange available are:-


Secondary lens implant


A brief surgical procedure during which an artificial lens is placed in the eye without removing the patients own eye lens.  The types of lens implant offered include:-

  • Artisan implant is used in the refractive surgery to correct higher myopia or to adjust high hyperopia. The lens is made of PMMA and has a unique patented iris fixation system.

  • Bioptics is a combination of an Artisan lens implant followed by laser-treatment.

  • ICL involves plaing a very thin foldable lens in front of the natural eye lens resting on the zonula fibres. No stitches are needed after surgery. 

Do you need more specific information? Do you want to know if your eyes are suited for a treatment ? Are you looking for up to date prices for the treatments ? Then please contact Eyesurgery Belgium


Contact details

Eyesurgery Belgium (Kortrijk)

Gentsesteenweg 109
8500 Kortrijk



Tel : +32 56 25.81.91

Fax : +32 56 20.48.68

Email: claeys@eyesurgerybelgium.com

Eyesurgery Belgium (Gent)

Kortrijksesteenweg 206

9830 St Martens Latem



Tel : +32 9 225.61.90

Fax : +32 9 233.63.55

Email: dewilde@eyesurgerybelgium.com


 Email: info@eyesurgerybelgium.com

 Web: www.eyesurgerybelgium.com




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