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Patient checklist

Laser eye surgery London

If you are looking for a laser eye clinic in London, then the London Vision Clinic should be on your shortlist.  

That may seem like a strong statement, but the London Vision Clinic emphasises that, in expert hands, laser eye surgery can be an extremely safe, life enhancing experience. More than 100,000 laser eye surgery procedures will be done in the UK this year. Read the guide to Laser Eye Surgery to help make the right choice for your eyesight.

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The checklist below was designed to help patients evaluate their choices.


Does the surgeon monitor your individual patient outcomes on an ongoing basis?

Monitoring outcomes enables a surgeon to objectively measure his or her performance against an appropriate standard. It is a sign of a surgeon who is concerned about quality. Ideally, a surgeon should be able to provide you with a results table or statistics this are specific to your prescription. This is important as results vary significantly between prescriptions, between surgeons and between technologies.


Did the surgeon undergo formal refractive surgery training and for how long?

During the 1990’s many surgeons began to do laser surgery after attending one or two weekend

courses, with or without supervision on their first few cases. In 2007, the Royal College of

Ophthalmologists introduced training and accreditation in laser eye surgery into the curriculum of trainee eye surgeons. A number of specific refractive surgery fellowships also exist. Fellowship training in refractive surgery prepares the surgeon for dealing with all the complications of refractive surgery, so that when he encounters them, he is prepared.


Will the clinic conduct all of the necessary pre-operative tests to ensure my suitability

for laser eye surgery?

The pre-operative examination is an excellent opportunity to examine the eye fully, including some of the following tests that are not routinely carried out in laser eye surgery assessments:

  • Corneal topography (including back surface)

  • Dry eye

  • Pupil size

  • Corneal thickness

  • Wavefront analysis

  • Blended vision assessment (if you are presbyopic)

  • Contrast sensitivity

  • Very-High Frequency Ultrasound (if necessary)

  • Dilated eye examination

  • Night vision simulation

  • Intra-ocular pressure


After conducting all of the necessary tests, the clinic should provide you with a clear assessment

of your suitability. If they determine that you are not suitable for treatment, they should provide you with a comprehensive explanation for this. You may want to ask if there is another provider that who may have technology or expertise to treat you safely, even if that may not be possible at their practice. (For example some lasers are much better at treating hyperopia than others; other practices will not treat patients over 40 years of age).


What aftercare regime is provided for my particular treatment plan?

The immediate aftercare will depend on the recommended treatment. Further aftercare should be provided until the one-year visit. Some surgeons offer ongoing ophthalmic care thereafter. Generally, LASIK aftercare is performed in the following way:

  • 1st day after surgery

  • 1-3 weeks after surgery

  • 3 months after surgery

  • 12 months after surgery

  • Surface PRK / LASEK patients should be closely monitored during the first five days after surgery.


Will I have access to the surgeon post treatment?

This is important. You should have access to the surgeon if required. A surgeon is directly responsible for the care of patients; even he has delegated some aspects of the aftercare to his optometrist.

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