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Bespoke wavefront treatment planning software

Laser eye surgery London

If you are looking for a laser eye clinic in London, then the London Vision Clinic should be on your shortlist.  

That may seem like a strong statement, but the London Vision Clinic emphasises that, in expert hands, laser eye surgery can be an extremely safe, life enhancing experience. More than 100,000 laser eye surgery procedures will be done in the UK this year. Read the guide to Laser Eye Surgery to help make the right choice for your eyesight.

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What is it for?

Individualising the treatment to each of your eyes beyond just the prescription in your glasses.


When is this done?

Before surgery.


What actually happens?

Bespoke Wavefont treatment software goes beyond ‘generic’ Wavefront Guided treatments. In simple terms it is the difference between standard designer suit that you would find on the high-street, and a bespoke suit that has been custom tailored on Saville Row.


Using specialised software, your surgeon can change the parameters of your treatment based on the Wavefront measurement to create an even better result than that obtained by simple Wavefront Guided treatment.


How does it feel?



What does it do?

Bespoke Wavefront treatment planning software allows surgeons to provide the highest level of

customisation for each individual eye, based on night vision simulations, contrast sensitivity and other

corneal and ocular parameters.


How does it benefit you?

Customised treatment planning increases your chance of achieving the best possible visual acuity result. This reduces your risk of night vision changes such as glare, halos and starbursts to the absolute minimum and maximises the depth of focus achievable by a blended vision treatment.

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If you are looking for a quote for laser eye surgery, or want more information about treatment in your local area, you can complete the Laser Eye Surgery Enquiry Form. Your enquiry will be forwarded to a maximum of three clinics or providers of laser eye treatment who partner with the Private Healthcare UK web site.