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Common misconceptions about laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery London

If you are looking for a laser eye clinic in London, then the London Vision Clinic should be on your shortlist.  

That may seem like a strong statement, but the London Vision Clinic emphasises that, in expert hands, laser eye surgery can be an extremely safe, life enhancing experience. More than 100,000 laser eye surgery procedures will be done in the UK this year. Read the guide to Laser Eye Surgery to help make the right choice for your eyesight.

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1. Complications are common and serious

Laser eye surgery is very safe. Of course, no procedure is entirely without some level of risk – the point is that the relative risk of laser eye surgery is extremely low when compared to the relative benefits. In the hands of an expert surgeon using the best technology, the chances of even

just a small compromise to the vision is in the order of 1 in 1,000.


2. Laser eye surgery is only for short-sighted people

With today’s technology patients who are short or long sighted, astigmatic or presbyopic can be treated.


3. Laser eye surgery cannot help people aged 40+ who need reading glasses

The latest advances in laser technology allow for the correction of long and short-sightedness with or without astigmatism together with presbyopia for people who use reading glasses.


4. The treatment is not permanent

Long-term follow-up studies have demonstrated that once the shape of your cornea is changed to correct your vision, the change is permanent. Of course, your eye is a living organ and alters over the years, just as the rest of your body does. Everyone’s eyes change, to some degree, even if they have never needed glasses. But, studies have shown this effect is very small. Once you reach the age of 50, your prescription will only change by an average of half a dioptre every decade.


5. One can be too old for laser eye surgery

Technically, there is no upper age limit for laser eye surgery as long as the eye is healthy.


6. One can go blind

This is virtually impossible. Realistically, the chance of going blind from laser eye surgery in the hands of an expert surgeon using the best technology is virtually impossible.


7. One could end up with worse vision than one started with

This question deals with two issues:

Vision without glasses – uncorrected vision loss: There is virtually no chance that after laser eye

surgery your vision without glasses would be worse than before surgery without glasses. Vision with glasses – best corrected visual acuity: Your maximum clarity with glasses before

surgery is your best spectacle corrected visual acuity (BSCVA). In expert hands, the chance that

the BSCVA will be reduced by even a small amount is in the order of 1 in 1,000.

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