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Saint James Hospital Sliema: Infertility Treatment in Malta

Saint James Hospital logo

Saint James Hospital, Sliema, forms part of the Saint James Hospital Group, Malta’s leading provider in the private healthcare sector. It is the larger of the Group’s two hospitals, is located in a quiet suburb of the island’s main retail and commercial district and is just a five minute walk away from the seafront.


The Group is known for its medical expertise, professionalism, continuous investment, and innovation. This 80-bedded hospital offers state-of-the-art equipment and is staffed by fully-qualified doctors and nurses who are fluent in English, Maltese, and Italian, amongst other languages.


The services offered are comprehensive and range from simple blood tests and diagnostic scans to a full complement of elective, cosmetic, orthopaedic, and cardiac surgery. Specialised services include obesity surgery, fertility treatment, dedicated eye services and dental services.


Saint James Hospital: Cosmetic Surgery in Malta

The hospital offers a luxurious atmosphere that provides a warm welcome to its clients and follows the highest standards of personal care and service. Former patients have compared their stay at Saint James Hospital, to residing in a hotel with special care and medical assistance as a special bonus.


Despite its small size, the medical services offered by Maltese healthcare providers are of the highest quality. Early on in history the island came to be known as the nurse of the Mediterranean and this attests to the advanced level of healthcare services practiced. In 2007 Malta was ranked by the World Health Organisation among the top 10 healthcare providers in the world. Malta’s location and its mild Mediterranean climate make it an excellent convalescence destination.


Saint James Hospital: Cosmetic Surgery in Malta

Communicating in Malta is also not a problem as the vast majority of inhabitants understand and speak the English language.


The Saint James Hospital Assisted Reproductive Unit

The Saint James Hospital Assisted Reproductive Unit treats both male and female patients.


Treatments include invitro fertilisation (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), testicular sperm aspiration/biopsy (TESA) and percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA). Assisted hatching has now also been succesfully introduced.


Saint James Hospital: Cosmetic Surgery in Malta

Saint James Hospital’s Assisted Reproduction Department boasts an average success rate that compares very favourably with those achieved internationally.

PESA and TESA methods are used in an uncommon type of infertility which occurs in the male partner where no sperm is present in the semen (azoospermia).

PESA - a fine needle is inserted into the epdidymis, at the upper area of the testis and sperms are collected by gentle suction.


TESA - a fine needle is inserted into testis and samples of tissue are obtained by gentle suction in order to retrieve sperms. A biopsy may be taken in the eventuality of not enough sperms being retrieved.


Saint James Hospital: Cosmetic Surgery in Malta

ICSI - a highly advanced type of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment where fertilisation is achieved after injecting a single sperm into each egg of the female partner. 


Contact details for infertility treatment in Malta

Saint James Hospital

George Borg Olivier Street

Sliema SLM 1807

Malta Europe

Tel: +356 2329 1000

Fax: +356 2133 0226

Email: healthtourism@stjameshospital.com

Website: www.stjameshospital.com