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Types of infertility treatment - Egg sharing

The Private Healthcare UK guide to infertility treatment contains articles on infertility and IVF treatment which are aimed at improving your knowledge of treatments for infertility, their benefits and potential risks.


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The shortage of donated eggs in the UK has resulted in a long wait for treatment for those women who need them.  The Egg-Sharing Programme offers a practical solution by bringing together infertile women willing to donate some of their eggs to other infertile women unable to produce their own eggs.


Criteria for acceptance onto the programme

The Egg-Sharer should be:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 35

  • Fit and healthy with BMI between 20 – 30

  • Her FSH levels on day 2/3 of the cycle must be less than 10 iu/L

  • No previous history of severe endometriosis or of having had one ovary removed

  • No history of transmissible disease

  • No personal or family history of inheritable disorders.


Screening and consent of Egg-Sharers

Prior to acceptance as an Egg-Sharer, you are required to complete initial screening test and consent forms.  

Tests required include:

HIV (repeated 6-monthly)

CMV (Both IgG and IgM)

Hepatitis B & C (repeated 6-monthly)


Cervical swab for chlamydia

Chromosomal analysis

High vaginal swab

Cystic fibrosis (saliva sample)

Sickle Cell





These tests may be undertaken by your GP. Patients should be aware of the possibility that one or more of these tests may reveal a previously unsuspected condition or infection. It is also the Egg-Sharer’s responsibility to inform the clinic of the possibility of any genetic or inheritable disease present in their immediate family. Failure to do so is a legal offence.


These tests must be carried out once before being accepted into the Egg-Sharing Programme.   HIV must be repeated again during the treatment cycle. These tests must be repeated at the start of any treatment cycle in which you are planning to donate eggs.


The HFEA Register

The HFEA keeps a confidential register of information about donors, patients and treatments. This register was set up on 1st August 1991 and therefore contains information concerning children conceived from licensed treatments from that date onwards.

As from the year 2008, people aged 16+ (if contemplating marriage) or 18 who ask the HFEA will be told whether or not they were born as a result of licensed assisted conception treatment, and if so, whether they are related to the person they want to marry.  As the law now stands for children conceived before April 1, 2005, that is the only information that will be disclosed by the HFEA.


From 1st April 2005, the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) requires all gamete donors to provide identifying information. This information will enable the HFEA to inform a donor in the future of any enquiries made by a child that has been born following a donation when that child reaches the age of 18.  The HFEA will not disclose any information without first contacting the donor. 


In the event that a donor fails to disclose relevant genetic medical history and a child is born with a disability, a court can require the HFEA to disclose the donor’s identity under the Congenital Disabilities Act (Civil Liabilities) Act 1976.


As from the year 2008, people aged 16+ (if contemplating marriage) or 18, who ask the HFEA, will be told whether or not they were born as a result of licensed assisted conception treatment, and if so, whether they are related to the person they want to marry.


Responsibility to any child born following egg donation

The recipient will be responsible for any child born following the donation.  The donor relinquishes all legal rights and claims over any offspring that may result from her donated eggs, along with all duties towards the child.


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