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Spire Healthcare hospitals: Private hernia surgery in the UK

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Expert open and laparoscopic hernia repair surgery for all types of hernia, including inguinal, femoral and incisional hernias, at a leading network of private hospitals, nationwide.


Spire Cheshire Hospital - reception
Spire Cheshire Hospital - reception

Where can I find private hernia surgery in the UK?

As one of the UK's largest private hospital groups, Spire Healthcare is able to provide hernia surgery performed by experienced consultant surgeons at 38 comfortable and well-equipped hospitals across the country.

Do I need hernia surgery?

A hernia occurs when an internal part of the body, such as the intestines or fatty tissue, pokes through a weakness in the muscle or tissue wall of the abdomen.  The hernia appears as a small lump or swelling.  Although usually painless, hernias should always be treated as they never heal themselves and there is a small but significant risk that the structures poking through can get trapped, cutting off the blood supply and causing a serious medical problem (strangulated hernia).  

Spire Wellesley Hospital - bedroom
Spire Wellesley Hospital - bedroom

Rapid access to hernia surgery

Hernia surgery is available on the NHS, however some types, such as inguinal hernia surgery for adults, are being restricted to cases with more serious symptoms and long waiting lists are developing in some parts of the country. 

Spire Healthcare offers fast and convenient access to a choice of expert specialist hernia surgeons.  Surgery is performed using the latest surgical techniques and technologies in state-of-the-art operating theatres with laminar airflow clean air systems.  Following surgery, patients are cared for in comfortable private rooms with entertainment facilities and ensuite bathrooms.  Spire Healthcare is committed to the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control and its hospitals have some of the lowest rates for MRSA and Cdifficile infection in the UK.

Private hernia surgery at Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare offers expert surgery for all types of hernia.  The hernias most commonly treated are:

  • Inguinal hernia - the most common type of hernia, usually affecting men and appearing as a lump in the groin or scrotum
  • Femoral hernia - appearing as a grape-sized lump in the upper part of the thigh or groin, usually in women.  Femoral hernias push into the femoral canal, the channel carrying blood vessels to the leg, and always require an operation as they have a high risk of serious complications if left untreated.
  • Incisional hernia - occurring as a lump at a scar or surgical wound that has not healed well.

Expert hernia surgery in the UK

Hernias are repaired in an operation to push the protruding structures back into place and strengthen the abdominal wall with a special mesh.  This can be achieved using one of two surgical techniques: open surgery or laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.  The consultant hernia surgeons at Spire Healthcare are highly experienced in finding the best surgical solution for each individual patient.

Open hernia surgery

Open hernia repair is performed through a 6cm incision under general anaesthetic.  It takes about 45 minutes and most people are able to go home the same day.  Open hernia surgery is a very common and successful procedure.

Laparoscopic hernia surgery

Laparoscopic (or keyhole) surgery is a less invasive surgical technique to repair hernias.  It is performed through two or three small incisions, rather than one large one, resulting in less bleeding and scarring, and quicker recovery times.  Laparoscopic hernia surgery is a very successful specialised technique and Spire Healthcare works with highly trained and experienced laparoscopic surgeons to offer the highest quality treatment.

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How can I get private hernia surgery at Spire Healthcare?

Spire Healthcare welcomes both patients with private health insurance and those who wish to pay for their own treatment

Fixed all inclusive prices are available for many procedures and more information on how to get private hernia surgery or on  guide prices can be obtained by contacting a local Spire Hospital or filling in an online enquiry form. 

Private hernia surgery is also available to overseas patients and help and advice on travelling to the UK for treatment can be obtained from Spire Healthcare's dedicated division, Spire International.

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Conditions treated

  • Femoral hernia
  • Incisional hernia
  • Inguinal hernia


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