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BMI Healthcare: foot and ankle surgery in the UK

BMI Healthcare

Providing expert orthopaedic surgery and physiotherapy for all conditions affecting the foot and ankle, including arthritis, bunions, damage to cartilage and ligaments, and toe defects, at state-of-the-art private hospitals throughout the UK.

Where can I find foot and ankle surgery in the UK?

BMI Hospital
BMI Healthcare is the largest private hospital group in the UK, with 65 fully equipped private hospitals and over 800 experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons specialising in conditions affecting the lower limb.  All foot and ankle surgery undertaken at BMI Healthcare hospitals is followed up with physiotherapy or occupational therapy to provide the best possible recovery and outcome.

Providing expert foot and ankle surgery in the UK

BMI Healthcare works with some of the most skilled orthopaedic surgeons in the UK.  They are able to offer all the surgical procedures needed to treat disorders of the foot and ankle, including:

  • Ankle arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) to investigate and treat pain and problems affecting the ankle joint, such as arthritis and cartilage injuries.
BMI - Doctors
  • Ankle fusion for the treatment of a painful ankle, usually due to osteoarthritis
  • Ankle replacement to replace an arthritic or damaged ankle joint with a metal or plastic prosthesis
  • Ankle instability surgery to reconstruct the ankle ligaments and stabilise the ankle
  • Bunion surgery to remove painful and unsightly bunions and correct the alignment of the foot
  • Toe surgery to correct toe deformities such as claw toe and hammer toe, and for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis
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BMI - Bunion

How can I get foot and ankle surgery at BMI Healthcare?

Insured patients

The costs of foot and ankle surgery are covered by most medical insurance policies.  Prospective patients should check with their insurer initially and obtain a referral from their GP or specialist. 

Self-Pay at BMI Healthcare

BMI Healthcare provides quick and convenient access to foot and ankle surgery for uninsured patients who wish to pay for their treatment.  Many of their surgical procedures are available at a fixed price and a competitive quote for treatment can be obtained by phoning 0800 142 2316 or visiting their websiteMany people choose to spread the cost of treatment using BMI Healthcare's unique credit card, The BMI card.

International patients

BMI Healthcare is happy to offer foot and ankle surgery to both insured and self-funding international patients.  Their highly experienced Patient Coordinators are on hand to assist with matters such as travel arrangements, hospital admission and interpreting services.

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Contact details

BMI National Enquiry Centre

Unit1, Cameron Court

Cameron Street

Hillington Park


G52 4JX


Tel: 0800 656 9606

Fax: 0141 882 6326


Email: info@bmihealthcare.co.uk

Website: www.bmihealthcare.co.uk








Conditions and treatments

  • Ankle fusion
  • Ankle replacement
  • Ankle instability surgery
  • Bunion surgery
  • Toe surgery



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