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Epilepsy treatment: UK centres

Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve cells (neurones) in the brain produce abnormal signals. This abnormal electrical activity in the brain may result in epileptic seizures, convulsions, muscle spasms, unusual sensations, and loss of consciousness.


Only when people have more than one seizure, sometimes of different types, is epilepsy diagnosed. With epilepsy, people tend to have recurring seizures, unless the condition is managed. Epilepsy treatment is aimed at preventing seizures and maximising quality of life. Around 70% of people with epilepsy are successfully treated by drug medication. Where this fails, epilepsy surgery or vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) may be considered.


Private epilepsy treatment

There are few centres for private epilepsy treatment in the UK. Those dedicated private services that exist are in the major London private hospitals or are available through the private patient services within NHS trusts. You can search for a private neurologist in our consultant database.

Featured epilepsy treatment providers

Currently there are no featured providers of epilepsy treatment

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Epilepsy video

View video of resective surgery for epilepsy which targets a specific, localised part of the brain, where epilepsy seizures are thought to originate.


Useful information on the web about epilepsy treatment

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