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The Tinnitus Clinic: ENT services and tinnitus treatment, Harley Street, London

The Tinnitus Clinic: Harley Street Audiology and Tinnitus Speacialists

Expert ear, nose and throat services at an independent Harley Street audiology clinic specialising in tinnitus and hearing loss.

Where can I find ENT services and tinnitus treatment in London?

Based in Harley Street, London and with clinics in Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cheltenham, The Tinnitus Clinic offers assessment of, and the most-up-to-date treatments for, tinnitus and hearing loss from a leading team of clinical audiologists. A full ear, nose and throat service is also available at their Harley Street Clinic.

 The Tinnitus Clinic is the only clinic in the UK to offer Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, an effective new treatment for tinnitus.

Call The Tinnitus Clinic on 0117 325 2206 or contact them online to book an appointment. 

ENT treatment at The Tinnitus Clinic

The Tinnitus Clinic in Harley Street works with award winning Consultant ENT surgeon Dr Nitesh Patel to provide expert assessment and diagnosis of ear problems.  Holding NHS consultant posts at Whipps Cross University and Newham University Hospitals in London, Dr Patel has a specialist interest in tinnitus and Meniere's Disease. He is available on Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoons to consult on all problems affecting the ear, including

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Loss of hearing in adults and children
  • Hypersensitivity to noise (hyperacusis)
  • Earache
  • Discharge from the ears
  • Itchy or sore ears
  • Balance problems
  • Injuries to the ear
the ANM Neurostimulator

Expert assessment of tinnitus

Tinnitus is a noise heard in the ears or head in the absence of a corresponding external sound.  It is a common condition, mildly affecting approximately 10% of the population at some point in their lives.  However, around 1 in 100 adults experience distressing symptoms that adversely affect the quality of life of their life. Tinnitus is not a disease in itself, but a complex disorder generated by a person's own auditory pathways, sometimes linked to hearing loss.

Tinnitus is almost always a harmless, if stressful condition.  However, anyone with ringing or other sounds in their ear is advised to see a doctor to rule out any underlying disease.  Benefiting from the services of a leading otologist to rule out any treatable causes, a tinnitus assessment at The Tinnitus Clinic costs £185.

Tinnitus treatments available at The Tinnitus Clinic

The Tinnitus Clinic works at the cutting edge of tinnitus treatment, offering the very latest technologies and management strategies, including Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, tinnitus desensitisation therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, environmental sound enrichment and digital hearing aids.

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The Tinnitus Clinic

121 Harley Street




Tel: 0203 597 4988

Email: info@thetinnitusclinic.co.uk

Website: www.thetinnitusclinic.co.uk







Treatments available

  • Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation 
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Digital hearing aids
  • Environmental sound enrichment
  • Tinnitus desensitisation therapy


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