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Harley Street at University College Hospital: private cancer treatment in London

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The entire focus of Harley Street at UCH's cancer unit, from the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to leading drug development and treatment options, is centred on the needs of the individual patient. Every person and every case are different.


Harley Street at UCH

Harley Street at University College Hospital

Harley Street at University College Hospital is a specialist cancer unit formed by HCA International in collaboration with University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCH). It is a ground breaking combination of NHS clinical excellence and award winning private healthcare in London. Harley Street at University College Hospital works with a team of internationally renowned consultants to deliver world class treatment for cancers, especially cancer of the blood and connective tissue, as well as non cancerous blood disorders. This unique partnership enables the unit to treat the full spectrum of cancer cases and to offer comprehensive care for every type of tumour.


Cutting edge diagnosis and treatment

Consultants at Harley Street at University College Hospital have access to the latest diagnostic systems, with a full range of imaging equipment that includes the brand new PET-MR technology, and a cutting edge pathology lab that offers a range of standard, complex and specialist tests.

Patients also benefit from the latest treatments, with a TrueBeam™ STx linear accelerator on site for radiotherapy, HCA’s ongoing commitment to investment in technology, and many Harley Street at University College Hospital consultants undertaking research which can rapidly be implemented.

Harley Street at University College Hospital provides specialist medical and surgical care ranging from its dedicated pharmacy and simple day case procedures to complex chemotherapy and surgery for sarcoma and haemato-oncology, all of which are supported by the extensive critical care facilities at UCH. The experienced staff are familiar with the complexities of cancer care, including a range of stem cell and bone marrow transplantation.

The team’s combined expertise enables Harley Street at University College Hospital to offer patients a treatment plan tailored to their specific individual needs, no matter how rare the type of cancer.

The whole patient

Cancer care goes beyond clinical expertise. Harley Street at University College Hospital offers a full range of professional holistic services, from physiotherapy and nutritional advice to complementary therapies and specialist counselling. They understand that a vital part of the patients’ wellbeing and recovery depends on the care and support of loved ones, which is why the counselling service is also available to patients’ partners and families. This patient focused approach, awarded Macmillan Cancer Support status, can help lead to a shorter stay and faster healing times.


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UCH London cancer care

Each year University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) diagnoses and treats over 3,500 new cancer patients. The Trust provides treatment for patients from all over Southeast England and supports other hospitals in the area.

UCLH’s multidiscipinary teams include internationally acclaimed consultants across a range of disciplines throughout the Trust. These colleagues work closely to deliver specialist patient centred care and are available to Harley Street at University College Hospital patients to advise on side effects and ensure each individual receives the best possible care.

HCA International is proud to be in partnership with UCLH, which has an excellent reputation for cancer care and research. The UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre, opened in April 2012, was made possible thanks to HCA’s contributions and enabled Harley Street at University College Hospital to expand its services. Outpatient and day care services are delivered in the purpose built unit on the 5th floor of the new Cancer Centre, while the ward on the 15th floor of the main hospital building is dedicated to inpatient care.

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Harley Street at University College Hospital

15th Floor

University College Hospital

235 Euston Road


NW1 2BU   

Tel: 020 3447 1500

Fax: 020 3447 1590


Harley Street at University College Hospital

5th Floor

UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre

Huntley Street



Tel: 020 3447 1700


Email: info.hsatuch@hcahealthcare.co.uk

Web: www.harleystreetatuch.co.uk





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