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BMI Healthcare: breast surgery and breast surgeons in the UK

BMI Healthcare

Providing nationwide access to breast surgery for breast cancer and benign breast conditions performed by experienced specialist breast surgeons.

Where can I find breast surgery in the UK?

BMI Healthcare is the largest private hospital group in the UK.  It has over 150 highly experienced consultant breast surgeons and 65 state-of-the-art private hospitals.  Patient satisfaction is very high, with over 98.5% of patients saying they would recommend BMI Healthcare.

BMI - Breast surgery

BMI Healthcare Breast Clinics

Any changes in the breast can be quickly assessed at one of BMI Healthcare's dedicated breast clinics by means of mammogram, ultrasound, ductogram and biopsy.  Women over the age of 40 can book a routine mammogram.

Breast cancer surgery in the UK

BMI Healthcare can offer all the surgical procedures necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, including:

  • Breast biopsy
  • Lumpectomy (excision of a breast lump)
  • Mastectomy (removal of the breast)
  • Breast reconstruction surgery
  • Lymph node transfer surgery

Their surgeons work in conjunction with consultant radiologists and clinical oncologists to provide the best possible treatment and care for breast cancer patients.

BMI - Breast surgery


If other tests have proved inconclusive, a breast lump is removed through a small incision for further analysis.  A lump may also be removed in this way for cosmetic reasons, or if the lump is painful.  A few specialist centres are now able to offer mammatome excision, where small, benign lumps can be removed with a specially designed needle. 


This is an operation to remove the breast tissue affected by breast cancer.  If the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes under the arm and/or the underlying muscles of the breast, these may be removed also.  Breast reconstruction surgery is often performed at the same time.

Breast reconstruction surgery

The breast can be reconstructed using silicone implants, however where possible, the surgeons at BMI Healthcare will aim to use the patient's own tissue.  The most common technique used is TRAM flap surgery where the breast is rebuilt using a section of skin, fat and muscle from the abdomen.  The BMI Healthcare surgeons can also offer DIEP flap surgery, which still involves a section of tissue being transferred from the abdomen, but has the advantage of leaving the stomach muscle intact.

Lymph node transfer surgery

BMI Healthcare work with the few hospitals in the world able to offer this new surgery in which the spare lymph nodes from the groin are transplanted into the armpit.  This has proved to be an effective treatment for lymphoedema (swelling in the arm and armpit) following breast cancer surgery. 
BMI - Breast surgery

How can I get breast surgery at BMI Healthcare?

Insured patients

Insured patients should call their insurance company in the first instance to confirm that they are covered and obtain a referral from their GP or specialist.  

BMI Self Pay service

Patients who wish to pay for breast surgery themselves should call

0800 142 2316.  BMI Healthcare provides fully inclusive fixed priced quotations and the costs of treatment can be spread out using their unique BMI credit card.

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Contact details

BMI National Enquiry Centre

Unit1, Cameron Court

Cameron Street

Hillington Park


G52 4JX


Tel: 0800 656 9606

Fax: 0141 882 6326


Email: info@bmihealthcare.co.uk

Website: www.bmihealthcare.co.uk








Conditions and treatments

  • Breast biopsy
  • Lumpectomy (excision of a breast lump)
  • Mastectomy (removal of the breast)
  • Breast reconstruction surgery
  • Lymph node transfer surgery



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