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Food intolerance and food allergy: testing

If you need a private food allergy specialist or want more information on food intolerance testing:


What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance or food sensitivity is a negative reaction to a food that may or may not be related to the immune system or to food poisoning. It can be caused by the absence of specific chemicals or enzymes needed to digest a food substance, or to the body's responses to certain food constituents (chemicals) both natural or artificial.


A food intolerance may not be an immediate reaction after ingestion and the amount of food required to cause a reaction varies. Food intolerances are not life threatening, although they can make you feel generally ill and affect your health over time.


Food intolerance symptoms are normally less severe than with an allergic reaction, but they are underlying food problems which are tolerated by many people everyday. Symptoms of food intolerance vary greatly, and can be mistaken for the symptoms of an allergy. Symptoms of food intolerance include gas, intermittent diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, skin rashes, migraine headaches, mouth ulcers, stomach pain, hives and an unproductive cough.


Conditions associated with food intolerances include irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, eczema and migraines. Food intolerance can exist as a separate condition or contribute to the symptoms of complex syndromes such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/CFIDS, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ME, Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome PVFS and may involve causes such as Leaky Gut Syndrome.

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