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Allergy : Articles and features

Our articles and features are written by some of the UK's leading consultants, dentists, medical professionals and healthcare writers.

  • Hay fever - a new, safe and effective remedy Feature and articles-hayfeverAllergic rhinitis (AR) is a common disease world wide affecting 10-25% of the population and its prevalence is increasing. Hay fever caused by grass and tree pollen is the most common allergy that...
  • What does food allergy or food intolerance mean? peanut butterThere are two kinds of sensitivity to foods – food allergy and food intolerance. An allergy is where the immune system reacts to certain types of food as though they are a threat to the body. This...
  • Food allergy: a growing problem? A common food allergy is peanutsFood allergy is a very specific and occasionally life threatening condition that appears to be on the rise across western countries. Appears is the important word here as it is getting increasingly...
  • Persistent rhinitis – how is it treated?` Persistent rhinitis – how is it treated?The treatments available for persistent rhinitis largely depend on what is causing your symptoms. Options include avoiding anything that triggers an attack, or medical treatment such as...