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Guide to PMI sponsored by Bupa

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Bupa is a leading provider of private medical insurance (PMI) with over 14 million customers in over 190 countries worldwide.

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UK medical health insurance - Questions to ask your health insurer

With many health insurance policies to choose from it is never easy to pick the one that suits you best.


When choosing your health insurance scheme you may find it important to ask some key questions.


The following “Questions to ask when choosing health and medical insurance”, have been prepared by Bupa.


If any of your questions aren't answered below then you can call one of Bupa’s personal health advisers on 0800 600 500 or email privatehealth@bupa.com.


A dozen key questions to ask when choosing UK medical health insurance


  • Does it cover cancer?
  • If it covers cancer are there monetary limits or restrictions on what drugs it will pay for?
  • Are there restrictions on which consultant you can use?
  • Are there restrictions on which hospital you can go to
  • Are there limits on the amount paid by the insurer for certain types of treatment?
  • Can you reduce the cost by having an excess?
  • Can you add or take away covers to have a policy that suits your needs?
  • What treatment does it not cover?
  • Is there a medical helpline?
  • What cover is there for day-case treatment or as an outpatient?
  • Are GP fees covered?
  • Can I get treatment overseas?  


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