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Guide to life insurance sponsored by InsureMe-On-Line

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InsureMe-On-Line is a leading provider of life insurance in the UK.

Life insurance

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Inheritance tax on policy payout

You can protect a life insurance payout from inheritance tax by putting it in a trust. Usually, this just involves ticking the relevant box on the application form. This also has the advantage that it speeds up the payout, as it will be made directly to whoever you name as the beneficiary of your policy, rather than getting paid into your estate and tangled up with any other assets you have.


For higher rate taxpayers, or those with complex family situations, trust arrangements may not be that simple. If in doubt, get professional advice


Make sure your policy is written into trust by ticking the right boxes when you receive the application forms.


There are different types of trusts and we are not qualified to comment on these- you need a solicitor.

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