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Guide to life insurance sponsored by InsureMe-On-Line

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InsureMe-On-Line is a leading provider of life insurance in the UK.

Life insurance

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Should I get insurance for my life insurance?

At first this sounds rather crazy. but it is an important thing to consider.


If your circumstances- illness or unemployment - force you to stop paying your life insurance premiums, you will l need to take out a new policy when you decide to start up again. But your premiums the second time round could be far higher, particularly if many years have passed since you started the first one.


Providers will offer you more insurance to protect your premium payments. This is often called 'waiver of premium' cover. OR; premium payment protection cover',


A better solution may be to buy income protection insurance, as this will cover much more than the premium on one policy. 


Think very carefully before buying premium payment protection. Is the price worth it? Would income protection be more suitable?

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