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Guide to life insurance sponsored by InsureMe-On-Line

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InsureMe-On-Line is a leading provider of life insurance in the UK.

Life insurance

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How much does it cost?

The life insurance premium should be obvious when you get a quote.


Is it a fixed amount? If it isn't, the insurer could increase the premiums significantly as you get older.

Fixed premiums are a good choice for most people. They tend to start off slightly more expensive, but they're cheaper in the long run.


Fixed premiums are known as guaranteed. But watch out for a couple of sneaky wrinkles. Some guaranteed premiums are only guaranteed for the first five or ten years of the policy.


Some life insurance companies offer guaranteed rates, but when you check, the premium itself goes up as you get older, either every year or in age bands


Reviewable premiums are a nice way of saying that the insurer can increase the premium at every renewal -whether it is annually or every five years. You could cancel the policy, but you are unlikely to get any money back as they will argue that if you had died they would have had to pay up,


One solution is lump sum life insurance premiums, but as few of us can afford to pay ten or twenty years of premium all at once, not very practical. However, for short periods or funeral planning, it can make sense to pay a lump sum premium

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