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Why use a health insurance broker?

There is a huge range of private medical insurance providers and products to choose from. Understanding the differences and what suits you best is not always easy. An alternative to deciding and arranging your own cover is to use a professional insurance intermediary. If you're searching for low cost medical insurance, they may be able to help you get a good deal.


Help and advice is available from specialist intermediaries or insurance brokers.


Types of health insurance broker

Intermediaries are commonly known as brokers, but financial regulation now means the name is not officially recognised. "Insurance intermediary" is a term which includes those who are introducers for one or a handful of companies, those who arrange insurance as part of a wider business such as banking, and those who are professional insurance intermediaries selecting cover from a range of insurers.


Those specialising in general insurance (home, motor, travel), which may or may not include health insurance, still tend to call themselves insurance brokers. Those specialising in financial advice (life, pensions, investment) are commonly known as IFAS - independent financial advisors. Some, but not all, arrange health insurance.


There is a category of professional insurance intermediary specialising in health insurance, known as health insurance intermediaries or medical insurance intermediaries


Some, but not all, medical insurance intermediaries are members of The Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries ( AMII).


Advantages of using an intermediary

  • Use of specialist knowledge and understanding

  • They have experience of insurer service

  • Help in dealing with claims

  • Access to products which are not available direct

  • Good at complex matters

  • When you have several insurances can avoid gaps and double cover


Disadvantages of using an intermediary

  • Many products are not available to intermediaries

  • Not every insurer will deal with every intermediary

  • Not  every intermediary will deal with every insurer

  • They may charge for services

  • Not every intermediary deals in or is  an expert in every type of health insurance

  • Some will not deal with individuals


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If you're searching for low cost medical insurance, you should find Private Healthcare UK's extensive listing of health insurance brokers across the UK useful.



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