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InterGlobal : UltraCare Comprehensive




Product category:

International and expatriate health insurance


Package product



Product profile



Wide range of medical and wellness benefits



UK expatriates aged 18 to 74



  • In-patient and daycare accidents and emergencies

  • In-patient and daycare intensive care

  • In-patient and daycare theatre costs

  • In-patient and daycare hospital accommodation

  • In-patient and daycare nursing fees

  • In-patient and daycare medical expenses

  • In-patient and daycare ancillary charges

  • In-patient and daycare surgeons fees

  • In-patient and daycare consultants fees

  • In-patient and daycare anesthetists fees

  • In-patient and daycare medical practitioner fees

  • In-patient and daycare prescribed medicines and drugs

  • In-patient and daycare reconstructive surgery

  • In-patient and daycare prostheses

  • In-patient and daycare MRI/PET/CT scans

  • In-patient and daycare X-rays

  • In-patient and daycare pathology

  • In-patient and daycare diagnostic tests and procedures

  • In-patient and daycare oncology tests, drugs and consultants fees

  • In-patient and daycare chemotherapy/radiotherapy

  • In-patient and daycare physiotherapy

  • In-patient and daycare parental accommodation

  • In-patient and daycare post hospitalisation treatment

  • In-patient and daycare accidental damage to natural teeth

  • In-patient and daycare  treatment of allergic conditions

  • Treatment of a cancer diagnosed as a chronic medical condition

  • Palliative treatment and care during the end stages of a cancer

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • Out-patient consultants fees

  • Out-patient medical practitioner fees

  • Out-patient treatment

  • Out-patient prescribed medicines, drugs and dressings

  • Out-patient X-rays

  • Out-patient pathology

  • Out-patient diagnostic tests and procedures

  • Out-patient specialists and consultants fees

  • Out-patient psychiatric treatment

  • Out-patient osteopathy

  • Out-patient chiropractic

  • Out-patient homeopathy

  • Out-patient Chinese herbal medicine
  • Out-patient acupuncture

  • Out-patient physiotherapy

  • Out-patient oncology tests, drugs and consultants fees

  • Out-patient chemotherapy/radiotherapy

  • Out-patient MRI/PET/CT scans

  • Out-patient surgical operations 

  • Out-patient  treatment of allergic conditions

  • Terminal illness palliative treatment and hospice care

  • Emergency dental treatment

  • Medical check ups

  • Cervical smears

  • Mammograms

  • Prostate cancer test

  • Vaccinations

  • Chronic medical conditions maintenance and routine treatments

  • Chronic medical conditions stabilisation

  • Emergency local ambulance

  • Organ transplant

  • Nursing at home

  • Compassionate emergency visit

  • Hospital cash

  • Legal expenses

  • Emergency medical evacuation ; with whle family

  • Emergency repatriation

  • Repatriation of mortal remains

  • Emergency medical treatment outside area of cover

  • No-claim discounts

  • 24 hour multilingual helpline

  • 24/7 red24 advice line
  • 24/7 red24 action response
  • Emergency evacuation/repatriation if political or civil unrest or a natural disaster


Not covered

  • In-patient and daycare psychiatric treatment 

  • Dental treatment for restoration of natural teeth



  • Four areas of cover; Europe, Australia /New Zealand, worldwide excluding USA, worldwide including USA

  • Wide range of excess levels

  • Choice of currency

  • Personal travel plan

  • Personal accident plan

  • Maternity plan



Last updated: 28 January 2014

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