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Terrorism is a tricky subject .The definition of terrorism is one that has constant arguments in the insurance world.

A few insurers specifically mention it as included.

A few insurers specifically mention it as excluded.

Where it is mentioned, it is often deep in the bowels of a policy wording

Many insurers do not mention it as, compared to the risk of a normal accident, it is extremely rare. You are far more likely to be knocked down by a bus than hurt by terrorist attack

Insurers are often vague on this area as whether an incident is terrorism or not is often far from clear. It may depend on what countries are covered. In major incidents, the government does sometimes pay out special benefits. We will not even go into darker areas of conspiracy theory as to what acts are really the work of terrorists and which are those made to look like terrorist incidents.

There is a huge problem of definition here as by nature, terrorism is a deliberate act, not an accident. And remember, someone is only a terrorist if they are attacking you; if they are on your side they are a freedom fighter.

If this really worries you, then ask insurers what is an what is not covered, but do not be surprised if you get a vague or baffling technical reply.

One exclusion used is " Activities of a Foreign Enemy’ which would exclude terrorism by foreigners, but could be argued not to exclude it if the terrorist was a UK citizen- as in recent attacks.

Thinking about getting personal accident insurance?

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