When applying for personal accident insurance cover you should include all relevant information on your application - failing to do so is known as ‘non-disclosure’ and could eventually result in a claim being refused by the insurance company.

When the insurance company receives your application, specialists may assess it. The information you provide on the application form helps the insurance company to decide whether your application is accepted at face value, needs supporting with more information, has exclusions or is deferred for a period of time, or is declined altogether.

On Personal Accident insurance, if they do not like what they see, almost all insurers will just turn down your application rather than seek ways of offering you cover.

Premiums can also be increased if your occupation or activity is known to be hazardous t – e.g. someone who flies a lot will pay higher insurance premiums.

Anyone who participates in dangerous hobbies such as mountaineering may find it hard to get cover or have to pay a significantly higher premium. There are specialist companies who can provide personal accident insurance cover at more reasonable prices.



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