Although policies may not provide full cover, some insurers will offer some insurance on request. For example, on travel policies they may not cover anything connected to the treatment but may offer cover for baggage and money sections. After all, someone travelling for treatment and rest is probably a safer risk than a youngster on an adventure sports holiday.

Many of the things for which people go abroad would not be covered under their private medical or dental insurance, if treatment were in the UK, so going abroad is no different.

If you bought every insurance policy that the industry recommends you have for family security, you would be well protected but have no money for food, drink or for travelling overseas for treatment!

Insurance is just peace of mind; it is a way of protecting against the unexpected. Going overseas for treatment of any kind is not an unexpected event.

There are ways of reducing risk other than by insurance, e.g. use debit cards rather than cash, only travel with belongings that are disposable or easily replaceable.

Insurance is merely a cash transaction; you pay the insurer in return for them assuming a risk. Going overseas for treatment usually means you are saving a hefty sum of money. Compare the guaranteed saving against any possible loss which only has a slight chance of happening, e.g. losing all your baggage. If you save £1,000 by travelling overseas for medical treatment, it is foolish to worry about losing £300 of baggage and money. On the one hand, the risk of saving £1,000 is 100% while the chances of losing baggage and money is under 10% - otherwise how would insurers make money?

If you went to an insurer and said “I am going to have a car crash tomorrow will you insure me?” they would say no. Going to an insurer and saying “I plan to have dental treatment overseas next month, will you cover the cost?” will get the same negative answer.



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