The myths

  • You can buy cover just to cover overseas treatment.
  • Policies have a worldwide extension so cover must apply.
  • Insurances with non-UK cover will pay for overseas treatment.

The reality

  • Dental policies often seem to include worldwide cover, but this is usually only for emergency and accidental treatment, not normal routine or restorative treatment.
  • There is no specific cover for those planning to go overseas for dental treatment.
  • Worldwide extensions are for emergencies only.
  • Very few policies cover treatment outside the UK, and even when they do, most of the treatments you go overseas for are not covered.

The detail

Many dental policies only cover accidents, emergencies and simple maintenance, so excluding more extensive dental treatment.

Your policy may restrict treatment to your normal UK dentist.

Policies have specific exclusions such as:

  • cosmetic procedures
  • dental treatment carried out in a hospital
  • orthodontic treatment
  • dental veneers
  • tooth whitening
  • implants

The exclusion which normally applies even if not specifically excluded by the policy is a pre-existing condition. This can be interpreted in many ways to include anything you knew or suspected or have had treatment for.

A small number of dental insurers include treatment outside the UK. But, this will only be for treatment that would have been covered in the UK, and will exclude travel and other non-medical costs. This may be limited to the EU only.



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