A life insurance policy pays out when you die. That's quite simple. It does not always guarantee a pay out.

You must read the small print. The only way to get real peace of mind is to read and understand every sentence in the policy.

Do not skip this chore as it may stop you pay out thousands of pounds for a worthless policy. Every claim turned down is in some way due to "the small print "

If you do not read the small print it is as much your fault as theirs if a claim is denied. As you will not be around to argue about what the salesman said to you, you owe it to your family to do this.

Just to confuse you, insurers use different terminology.

Read the small print. If you don't understand what something means or the affect that it might have on you, then give the insurer a call and don't let them go until they've explained it to you. If they say ' that will be sorted out when you claim' - that may be OK on car insurance, but on life cover you will not be there to argue the point about what you thought the policy was going to cover.

If you are not satisfied with the answers- go elsewhere.



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