There are numerous individual funeral plans. Each plan is designed to meet different needs and contains the arrangements you would expect in a funeral.

Some can also be personalised by including special requests, perhaps a favourite hymn or piece of music.

Some are designed mainly for cremations, while others pay the full cost of a cremation or burial.

If you want an unusual funeral such as woodland burial, burial at sea or a horse drawn hearse, check with the plan provider if this is possible - before paying them any money.

Life policies only cover a contribution towards costs, not the full cost.

Life insurance differs from a funeral plan, as it pays a sum to your relatives upon your death, rather than pay your funeral director directly, to cover the cost of your funeral.

Most basic pre-paid funeral plans will include:

  • The cost of a burial or cremation service
  • A simple coffin, lined and fitted with basic materials
  • Care of the deceased and embalming (preservation of the body prior to the funeral, should close friends and relatives wish to visit)
  • Transport of the deceased from their place of death to a place of rest
  • A hearse (the car in which the coffin is transported)
  • Management of cards, flowers or donations on behalf of the family


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