Advantages and drawbacks of Funeral Plans

Funeral insurance differs from other types of insurance due to its inevitable nature. Most insurance policies offer protection in case something happens, and typically offer compensation when it does; in the case of funeral insurance it is certain that people will die, and that funeral expenses will have to be paid. For this reason, funeral insurance usually takes the form of funeral plan rather than a typical insurance.

A funeral plan is an agreement between you and a company that creates a plan for your funeral arrangements for which you pay in advance. The provider of the funeral plan guarantees that your funeral will be conducted as outlined in your funeral plan, and uses the advance payment that you make to cover the costs. The money that you pay will typically be paid into a trust fund; the money earns interest to compensate the provider for the increase in the cost of funerals before your death.

A funeral plan enables you to plan as many or as few aspects of your funeral as you wish, and be comforted knowing that your family will not be burdened financially as a result of your death. If the average cost of funerals in the UK continues to rise faster than inflation you could also save money. However, there are problems with funeral plans, such as changing your mind about the arrangements, moving abroad, or your funeral provider going out of business before you die.

A funeral plan is a good idea because it freezes the price of your funeral at its current cost, instead of the price your relatives would pay in the future, when you die. For this reason the price of a funeral plan is usually fixed at a price that reflects the cost of your funeral at current prices.

You will usually pay for your funeral plan in one, one-off payment, but you can also choose to pay for the plan in installments over several months or years. Although the option to pay in installments may be more convenient and helpful in terms of managing your finances, you will usually have to pay a higher price overall and may even have to make an extra contribution to administration fees. If you are over seventy years old, you will typically have to pay the total cost immediately.



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