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Global Health Essential Care: Expatriate health insurance plan from William Russell

  • For people who want to ensure that they are adequately covered for the essential, expensive elements of health care, such as hospitalisation, out-patient treatment and emergency medical evacuation.


  • UK expatriates aged 18 to 64 living in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East (except China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore


  • Treatment in selected region only
  • Private room
  • Emergency and accident treatment out of region 
  • In-patient hospital accommodation charges
  • In-patient  drugs and surgical dressings
  • In-patient surgeons fees
  • In-patient doctors fees
  • In-patient anaesthetists' fees
  • In-patient theatre charges
  • In-patient intensive care charges
  • In-patient nursing care
  • In-patient parental accommodation
  • In-patient pathology
  • In-patient diagnostic tests
  • In-patient scans
  • In-patient physiotherapy
  • In-patient oncology
  • In-patient X rays
  • In-patient hospital cash
  • In-patient organ transplants
  • In-patient hospice care
  • In-patient oncology
  • Road ambulance charges
  • Out-patient oncology
  • Out-patient surgical procedures
  • Out-patient specialist consultations
  • Out-patient prescription drugs and dressings
  • Out-patient pathology
  • Out-patient MRI/CT/PET scans
  • Out-patient radiology
  • Out-patient diagnostic tests
  • Out-patient physiotherapy
  • Cover for newborns
  • Emergency in-patient dental treatment
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Return airfare
  • Travelling expenses of companion
  • Repatriation or burial of mortal remains
  • 24-hour multilingual medical assistance helpline

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