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Company Plan Gold Superior: Expatriate health insurance plan from Bupa International

A top of the range company cover. The benefits of Gold, with higher limits plus:

  • unlimited cover for family doctor treatment, and prescribed out-patient drugs and dressings
  • cover for full health assessments
  • increased vaccination limits
  • maternity cover with enhanced limits
  • dental and optical option


Businesses insuring 3 or more UK expatriates aged 18 plus.


  • In-patient hospital accommodation
  • In-patient nursing care, drugs and dressings
  • In-patient physician, surgeon and anaesthetist fees
  • In-patient theatre charges and intensive care
  • In-patient prostheses and appliances
  • In-patient diagnostic tests
  • In-patient CT/MRI/PET scans
  • In-Patient X-rays
  • In-patient pathology
  • In-patient physiotherapy
  • In-patient psychiatric treatment
  • In-patient parental accommodation
  • In-patient transplant services
  • In-patient cash benefit  
  • Local road ambulance
  • Home nursing
  • Cancer treatment
  • Maternity  
  • Health screening
  • Drug treatment for AIDS/HIV including ART
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • Out-patient surgical operations
  • Out-patient consultants fees
  • Out-patient pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests
  • Out-patient therapy and complementary medicine
  • Out-patient psychiatric treatment
  • Out-patient mammogram, PAP smear, prostate and colon screening
  • Out-patient family doctor treatment
  • Out-patient prescribed drugs and dressings
  • Treatment for sports injuries
  • Accident-related dental treatment
  • 24 -7 multilingual Helpline
  • Healthline
  • Assistance Cover; Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Free second medical opinion

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