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International Solutions - Business: Expatriate health insurance plan from Aviva Health

  • Flexible healthcare which can be tailored to your needs. Access to leading international healthcare facilities. Core range of benefits designed to provide you with extensive cover. With additional options that you can add to enhance your benefits and options that allow you to remove the things you don't want, you can shape the cover to fit your needs..


  • Businesses insuring one or more UK expatriates aged 18 to 99 living and/or working outside the UK for  six months or more.

Core cover

  • Covers treatment in selected Area
  • Includes treatment at lower cost locations outside area
  • In-patient and daycase accommodation and meals
  • In-patient and daycase nursing care
  • In-patient and daycase drugs and dressings
  • In-patient and daycase hospital costs
  • In-patient and daycase specialists fees
  • In-patient and daycase diagnostic tests
  • In-patient and daycase blood  tests
  • In-patient and daycase X-rays
  • In-patient and daycase CT/MRI scans
  • In-patient and daycase psychiatric treatment
  • In-patient and daycase cancer treatment
  • Out-patient specialist consultations
  • Out-patient diagnostic tests
  • Out-patient blood tests
  • Out-patient X-rays
  • Out-patient CT/MRI scans
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Out-patient cancer treatment
  • Out-patient physiotherapy
  • Nursing at home
  • Local ambulance
  • Parental accommodation
  • Hospital cash
  • Treatment by medical practioner
  •  Emergency dental treatment following accident
  • Newborn acute care
  • Routine maintenance of chronic conditions
  • Treatment for acute phases of chronic conditions
  • Treatment for HIV/AIDS
  • Investigations into infertility
  • Local burial or transport of mortal remains
  • Vaccinations 
  • Worldwide emergency evacuation and treatment     
  • Evacuation and accommodation costs (other than at a hospital)
  • 24-7 medical assistance
  • 24-7 medical information
  • Online health information
  • StandbyMD 24-7 healthcare concierge
  • MyHealth Passport
  • Speech therapy
  • Organ transplants and harvesting
  • Complications of pregnancy/childbirth


  • Policies carry an international cancer pledge to cover treatment and palliative care as recommended by specialists. Cancer cover includes aftercare, including money towards prostheses and wigs.

Not covered

  • Travel costs to lower priced location outside area.
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Treatment required as a result of a war risk or terrorism
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Surgical or medical appliances
  • Rehabilitation
  • Experimental treatment
  • Infertility treatment
  • Birth control
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sleep disorders
  • Weight loss surgery
  • Professional sports injuries

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