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A patient's guide to cosmetic surgery sponsored by Nuffield Health

About the sponsor

Nuffield Health, a leading provider of cosmetic surgery in the UK, with a network of 30 private hospitals across the country.

Cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery guide: Cosmetic surgery in the UK

More and more people in the UK are choosing to have cosmetic surgery. For some, having cosmetic procedures is part of a desire to improve their body, enhance their appearance and delay the more obvious signs of aging. In the modern world, cosmetic surgery procedures have become more acceptable – with many famous models and celebrities admitting to ‘having had work done’. In an age where taking pride in your appearance is a positive thing, cosmetic surgery can be a great confidence booster.

Private cosmetic surgery has become more affordable these days and people in the UK are willing to pay to achieve the look that they want but can’t get through diet and exercise alone.

This guide is sponsored by Nuffield Health