If you have a dental emergency outside the usual working hours of the dentist that you are registered with, and you cannot access any extended hours services, you may need to try to locate a 24 hour dentist who is available at all hours of the night, and at weekends. Your own dental practice should provide information on their answer phone service on what to do in a dental emergency, and you should be able to take down the number of a 24 hour emergency dentist who covers for them out of hours.

Locating a 24 hour dentist in England

Finding a 24 hour emergency dentist in England can be done by phone or by searching on the internet:

  • NHS Direct is a helpline for all types of queries about health, and the operator will be able to access lists of 24 hour dentists in your area. The number to call is 0845 4647.
  • NHS Choices is a good place to start searching for a dentist if you have a 24 hour dental emergency. You can access the find a dentist service and add in the post code of where you are to find the nearest dentists that offer emergency dentistry and a 24 hour emergency dental clinic.
  • Using a search engine to enter specific search terms such as 24 hour dentist UK, 24 dentist England, or 24 hour dentist followed by the name of your nearest town or city will also generate links that should provide you with contact details of 24 hour emergency dental services that are within fairly easy reach.
  • Search for a 24 hour dentist at a dental clinic or dental hospital, entering your nearest town or city as an additional search term. The more extensive facilities available at these larger dental centres usually mean they are more likely to offer 24 emergency dental care.

Locating a 24 hour dentist in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland

For an 24 hour dentist Scotland:

  • Use NHS 24 on 08454 242424.
  • Visit the website for Scottish Dental. The website has a list of 24 hour emergency dentists throughout different Scottish regions. Most are based in the main Scottish towns, so if you are well of the beaten track you may have to travel quite a distance to get to a 24 hour dentist.

For a 24 hour dentist in Wales:

For 24 hour dentist in Northern Ireland:

  • Use "24 hour dentist Northern Ireland" as search terms in Google, or another good search engine, or try using "24 hour dentist" followed by the name of your nearest large urban area.

Finding a 24 hour dentist in London

As well as using the phone book to find a dentist if you have a 24 hour dental emergency, you can also use the following search terms to find possible 24 hour dentists to contact:

"24 hour dentist London" plus the name of the area of London where you would like to visit a 24 hour emergency dental clinic. You can also add in "NHS" into the search box to find dentists that are able to offer 24 hour dental cover under NHS dental charges.

  • is also a good place to start. This provides details of 24 hour emergency dental clinics that provide 24 hour dentists who can speak a range of languages. They have four main locations; Hammersmith, Earls Court, Liverpool Street, and Baker Street.
  • offers an online directory that has listings for 24 hour dentists throughout London.

Paying a 24 hour dentist

If you are able to find a 24 hour dentist who will treat you under the NHS dental charges, the cost of your visit will still be £17, whatever time of night or the weekend you are treated. People who are exempt from NHS dental charges do not have to pay at all, but if you are not in that category you will need to bring some form of payment with you at the time of your emergency dental appointment.


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