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Our articles and features are written by some of the UK's leading consultants, dentists, medical professionals and healthcare writers.

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  • Early diagnosis or peace of mind with lung screening at Bupa Cromwell Hospital doctor examining chest X-rayBupa Cromwell Hospital's Lung Centre offers investigation, diagnosis and treatment for a range of respiratory and chest disorders under one roof - the only private hospital in London to provide this. It now offers a dedicated lung screening service, aimed at men and women from the age of 50 years...
  • New private paediatric walk-in centre in Kensington Paediatric Walk-in CentreBupa Cromwell Hospital's experienced paediatric team ensures the best possible care for children in a safe, comfortable environment, right in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea.
  • The best possible private health treatment for children in Kensington and Chelsea paediatric CT scanComing into hospital can be stressful both for children and their parents, but Bupa Cromwell Hospital's experienced paediatric team ensures the best possible care for children in a calm, comfortable environment.
  • Tongue tie: What is it and how is it treated? child sticking out his tongue'Tongue tie' is a condition where the tip of a child's tongue is abnormally connected to the floor of the mouth by a piece of tissue called the lingual frenulum, which can restrict the movement of the tongue.
  • Looking after your feet during the festive season high heels Christmas parties and long shopping sessions can wreak havoc on ladies' feet, says Anthony Perera, a specialist orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon at the London Foot and Ankle Clinic, Bupa Cromwell Hospital.
  • The 28 day limit on addiction treatment is wrong Castle Craig HospitalMany people who come into residential addiction treatment are told by their insurance companies we can only pay for 28 days -- even though all the scientific evidence shows that a longer period is needed.
  • 10 ways to build self respect Christopher BurnMost people who are recovering from addiction have a problem with self respect. After all, if you have indulged in addictive behaviour that may have included lying, cheating, aggression and laziness, it is quite difficult to respect yourself.
  • Gentle steps to getting fitter WalkerFitness does not necessarily involve visiting a gym. We can work towards a better level of fitness by simply taking up a few basic activities, some of which are easily included into our daily routines.
  • Exercise lowers risk of aggressive cancer man exercising with weightsResearch to be presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Prostate Cancer Foundation Conference, in San Diego, suggests a link between brisk exercise and a lower risk of aggressive cancer.
  • Barbecue food safety bbqWith the summer almost upon us, many people will be getting into the party spirit, with picnics and barbecues a favourite way to relax. However, research shows that we are at increased risk of food poisoning during the summer.
  • Five benefits of biking to work bikeThe longer Summer days are encouraging more people to use their bikes to replace public or private transport for their daily commute to and from work. This trend has seen many major cities around the world update their road networks to include bike lanes, and public awareness is improving around...
  • The diagnosis and treatment of ankle arthritis Maneesh BhatiaUnlike the hip and knee, which are prone to develop primary osteoarthritis, the ankle develops arthritis usually because of a traumatic event.
  • What's in a Facelift? faceliftThe Private Clinic describes the various types of Facelift procedures. As we age the collagen in our skin decreases leading to deeper lines, sagging and folding skin that lacks in elasticity....
  • Non-invasive Anti-Ageing and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments anti aging laserThe Private Clinic discusses a range of non-invasive anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments.
  • The Royal Marsden is committed to promoting the role of women in research Dr Aisha Miah, Consultant Clinical OncologistThe Royal Marsden is committed to promoting the role of women in research. Profiles of three women who are making a valuable contribution.
  • The diagnostic process for urological cancers at The Royal Marsden Mr Pardeep Kumar, Consultant Urological SurgeonMr Pardeep Kumar, Consultant Urological Surgeon, explains the diagnostic process for urological cancers at The Royal Marsden.
  • Treating spider veins Thread vein removalSpider veins (also known as thread veins) are small coloured veins that appear near the skin surface, mainly on the thighs, calves, face and ankles. Spider veins may potentially pose as health risks, and patients wishing to have them removed should understand the options available.
  • Liquid facelift anyone? Kingsbridge Private HospitalOver the years, skin treatments have become less about turning back the clock and more about pressing snooze of the ageing effects and retaining those natural youthful looks.
  • IPL and Laser Hair Removal: What's the difference anyway? Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL)The Private Clinic briefly outlines the differences between Laser Hair Removal and IPL, to help patients understand their options for hair removal treatment.
  • Chemical Peels for all skin types? dark skinThe Private Clinic discusses suitability for patients considering chemical peel treatments.
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