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  • Diet advice for women undergoing fertility treatment Diet advice for women undergoing fertility treatmentA good diet can help improve the success rate of infertility treatment. In this article, Anya Sizer of The London Women's Clinic discusses the importance of a eating the correct food and recommends changes to make to eating patterns to give your body the best chance possible of conceiving.
  • Stay safe on the slopes skierImprovements to ski boots make it considerably safer to ski than ever before. However, fractures to feet and ankles continue to occur when skiiers find themselves in specific situations. Mr Martin Klinke discusses these types of ski injuries and the treatments needed for a succesful recovery.
  • Get a good night's sleep Lack of sleep can hamper concentrationInsomnia is one of the most common conditions seen by GPs. In this article, Dr Fiona McAndrew discusses the different types of insomnia and what can be done about the problem.
  • Techniques for managing the stress of infertility - part II The London Women’s ClinicIn Part II of the article on managing the stress of infertility, Anya Sizer ofThe London Women's Clinic discusses how you can personalise the techniques used to manage this particular type of stress.
  • Managing the stress of infertility - part I The London Women’s ClinicIn Part I of this article on managing the stress of infertility, Anya Sizer of The London Women's Clinic discusses the stress issues women with infertility problems face, and outlines the techniques that can be used to help manage this particular type of stress.
  • Celebrating Valentine's Day for couples going through infertility treatment hearts and chocolatesAnya Sizer of the London Women's Clinic offers advice to couples undergoing fertility treatment on how to use the event to help ease the stress of undergoing assisted reproduction.
  • Should children with eating disorders be treated in hospital? Should children with eating disorders be treated in hospital?In this article Dr Dee Dawson raises the issues around treating children with eating disorders as inpatients or outpatients. She also discusses the problems of monitoring the health of anorexics, and restoring children to their correct weights.
  • How to recover from a breast operation The importance of post-surgical bras after cosmetic surgeryThe recovery period after breast surgery is as important as the surgery itself. In this article, The Hospital Group outlines the recovery process and provides advice on how to achieve a swift return to daily life.
  • The Top Five Remedies for Obesity The Hospital GroupLosing weight can be incredibly difficult, but absolutely vital when one is obese. In this article, The Hospital Group suggest five remedies that might help.
  • Giving the green light to treatment for enlarged prostates Giving the green light to treatment for enlarged prostatesOver the age of 40, all men have some enlargement of their prostate, but only one in ten will ever develop an obstruction which needs treatment. Size is irrelevant, as the smallest prostates may cause severe obstruction and the bigger glands none at all.
  • Shockwave Therapy for chronic foot pain, tennis elbow and Achilles pain Shockwave Therapy for chronic foot painCommonly referred to as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis is a painful and often debilitating condition causing pain that afflicts more than 500,000 people in the UK each year. It can now be treated with Shockwave Therapy, as can conditions such as tennis and golfers elbow, shoulder pain and painful...
  • A novel therapeutic approach of vacuum assisted closure in diabetic foot disease Profile pic - Toby Richards: Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, Nottingham and LondonDiabetic foot complications exact a significant toll on patients and health care systems. Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) has emerged as the standard care for these complex wounds. Despite its popularity, it has some drawbacks which hinder early patient discharge. A new system, the VAC Via, has...
  • A Distorted View of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Castle Craig HospitalWhat can we learn from the tragic death of Amy Winehouse? Perhaps the most striking lesson is that the public's perception of rehab is formed almost entirely by the media through celebrity scandal and, in this case, death. This article sets the record straight.
  • Weight Loss and Dieting Myths The Weight Loss Surgery GroupThere are many misconceptions regarding weight loss, ranging from poor metabolism to the time of day a meal is eaten, that can affect dieting success. In this article, Colleen Campbell, Bariatric Nurtitionist at The Weight Loss Surgery Group discusses the most common myths and sets the record...
  • Why certain hormones affect body weight lose weight graduallyObesity is not always the result of over eating; it is often the result of a hormone disorder. In this article Claudia Louch of the Harley Street Nutrition Clinic explains the role of leptin in abnormal weight gain.
  • The role of cleansers in causing dry skin dry skinIt is important to understand why some cleansers can cause or aggravate dry skin. In this article, Claudia Louch of The Natural Dermatology Clinic explains why taking care when deciding on skin cleansers can make a difference to skin condition.
  • Why diet? How eating differently affects weight loss (part one) champion slimmerIn part one of a two-part article, Dr Mary Ellen Chatwin examines the basis of many modern weight-loss diets, the sociocultural issues relating to dieting, and how the diets of different cultures affect health.
  • Why diet? How eating differently affects weight loss (part two) lose weight graduallyIn part two of this article Dr Mary Ellen Chatwin discusses medical disagreements on dieting and the effects of different foods on the body. In particular, she looks at the effects of low calorie and low carbohydrate diets.
  • Sperm donation and UK law The London Women’s ClinicIn this article, specialist fertility lawyer, Natalie Gamble looks at the complex legal position in the UK relating to information available on sperm donors as well as information on siblings conceived by sperm from the same donor.
  • Taking the pressure off the stress felt by infertility patients The London Women’s ClinicStress is familiar to infertility patients. Some find treatment so stressful that they simply give up, others are so affected that their relationships crumble. Yet stress need not be unavoidably destructive. Liz Coward-Evans, fertility counsellor at the London Women's Clinic offers advice on how to...
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