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The team

keith pollard

Keith Pollard - CEO and Managing Editor

Keith Pollard spent ten years in marketing and operational roles in the private healthcare sector before setting up Acumen Solutions, an internet development company in the mid-1990s, specialising in the healthcare market. Private Healthcare UK was one of several internet ventures which were created at that time.  In 2003, Keith formed Intuition Communication as a web publishing company and embarked on a major investment in the redevelopment and expansion of Private Healthcare UK. The Intuition portfolio has grown impressively since then, and Intuition has become a leader in medical tourism with the development of Treatment Abroad.  Keith writes a health and medical tourism blog.


Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite biscuit: ChocoLeibnitz 

Favourite tipple: Ridgeway (Tring Breweries) in the Lamb, Berkhamsted)        

Favourite book: Hard Times

Favourite band: This week - Band of Horses, Last week – Gorillaz, Next week - ?  




Eric Verdon-Roe - Chairman 

Eric became a director at Haymaket after 4 years in the company and helped them become the market leader in the motoring sector. In 2000, Eric then took over as Managing Director for Haymaket, leading them to develop into the UK’s most diverse publishing company. In 2013, Eric became chairman for Intuition Communication and once again would work with his ex colleagues James Little and Stephen Farish. In addition to Intuition Communication, Eric is also Chairman at Evro Publishing Limited and Emissions Analytics.

Stephen Farish

Stephen Farish - Managing Director 

Stephen graduated from the University of Edinburgh and went on to have a successfull career in Journalism. Stephen has strong entrepreneurial skills and was Managing Director for Haymarket Business Media for 9 years. Since then Stephen has co-founded Red River Blue with James Little and in 2013 was appointed Managing Director at Intuition Communication. Stephen is an expert in providing solutions in audience engagement and portfolio strategies. 

James Little

James Little - Finance Director 

James was appointed Finance Director for Intuition Communication in 2013.  He is an Oxford graduate and has vast experience in his field of expertise. From 2001 -2010 James was Business Development Director at Haymarket Media Group. Currently, as well as being Intuition Communications Financial Director, James is co-founder of a specialist consultancy, Red River Blue. James specialises in contract negotiation and acquisition targeting. Leading business growth and value creation are just some of James’s main goals.  


Nick Plowman

Dr Nick Plowman - Medical Director

Nick Plowman is Senior Clinical Oncologist to St Bartholomew’s Hospital (adults) and The Hospital for Sick Children Great Ormond Street (children) with visiting duties to St Mark's Hospital for diseases of the rectum and colon and Moorfields Eye Hospital. He has been Head of Department at St. Bartholomews' from 1989-1997 and from 2000 to the present time.


Dr Plowman is also a shareholder in Intuition Communication Ltd. 

Sarah Ward, Operations Manager

Sarah Ward - Head of Operations & Special Projects

Sarah originally joined Keith at Acumen Solutions in 1997 and worked with him for a number of years in roles ranging from web developer to account director, before departing for sunnier climes to set up her own consultancy business in Spain. Sarah re-joined Keith at Intuition in 2011, and utilises her broad business experience to support the day to day operational responsibilities of the company, and with a remit for managing special projects.

Any spare time is spent drinking coffee (book in hand), cooking for family and friends, walking her gorgeous Labradoodle, and enjoying the Latin beats of Zumba.

Favourite food: Thai

Favourite book: Birdsong 

Favourite music: Eclectic…from The Killers
to Billie Holliday to Nero. Go figure.
Favourite tipple: Cava
Favourite film: Angelheart

Angela Field - Administration Manager 

Angela joined the team in November 2009 from a background in Credit Control and Finance for various industries. Day to day she is responsible for managing the accounts and administration as well as supporting the rest of the team. She acts as PA to the Managing Director and the Sales Manager, in terms of arranging all meetings and travel arrangements, as well as general assistant duties.   


Favourite biscuit: Shortbread  

Favourite film: The Mummy 

Favourite book: Discworld novels        
Favourite band: The Monkees

Web marketing 

Jon Butler, Web Communications Manager

Jon Butler - Digital Communications Manager

With experience in web management and online marketing across a variety of sectors, Jon joined the Intuition team in September 2009.  He is responsible for managing various web projects and marketing for Intuition's websites.


Outside of work he plays the guitar in a band and is deprived of sleep by his new son. 


Favourite biscuit: Garibaldi

Favourite book: Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks

Favourite tipple: A nice cold lager (preferably enjoyed in hot sun)    

Favourite film: Monty Python's Life of Brian

Favourite band: REM



Zoe Prescott

Zoë Prescott - Digital Marketing Executive

Zoë has spent her last eight years in Sussex, completing a degree in English literature, creative writing and media studies at Chichester University in 2008; she then worked in digital development in the Brewing industry. At Intuition Zoë will be heading up digital communications and social media strategies for Intuition’s websites and profiles. Having recently moved to Milton Keynes she spends most of her time on roundabouts, other than that she likes to visit family and friends, walk her parent’s Schnauzers, Fred and Wilma, watch bands, bake, run and read.

Favourite biscuit: Fox's ginger crunch cream

Favourite book: Year of Wonders

Favourite tipple: Australian Pinot Noir

Favourite music: Everything. Mainly indie/folk /acoustic. Laura Mardling

Favourite film: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Ian Youngman

Ian Youngman

Ian is a writer and researcher specialising in insurance and health.He writes regularly for a variety of magazines, newsletters, and on-line services. He also publishes a range of insurance reports and undertakes research for companies. An ACII, with an honours degree in Economics from the University of Liverpool, Ian was a co-founder of The General Insurance Market Research Association. He also has widespread experience within the insurance industry at management level, working for brokers, a bank and an insurance company.

Nicola Walton

Nicola has a background in healthcare marketing and in medical publishing as editor for a worldwide clinicians' publication. She manages the Articles and Features area of Private Healthcare UK, commissioning and editing original articles from UK doctors and dentists.


Ben Reed, Production Manager

Ben Reed - Production Manager

With experience as a journalist and a passion for online technology, Ben joined the Intuition team in July 2007. As Production Manager he is responsible for the maintenance and updating of all the websites in Intuition's portfolio as well as helping to maintain the overall structure and consistency of the sites.  


  • Favourite film: Amazon Women on the Moon                                                 

Saffron Walker - Content Editor

Saffron is currently an undergraduate at the University of Hertfordshire, studying Business Tourism Management and is undertaking her placement year here at Intuition Communication. In 2013 Saffron was 1 of only 50 students to receive a Deans Award for her work at the University of Hertfordshire. In her spare time enjoys shopping and relaxing. She is very passionate about travelling and loves exploring new destinations with her boyfriend; her favourite cities include Budapest and New York.   

Favourite biscuit: Fox's shortbread chocolate rounds

Favourite tipple: Mai Tia

Favourite food: English and Mexican                

Favourite film: Fast and Furious

Guy Parry, Content Editor

Guy Parry - Content Editor

A geology graduate with two decades’ selling document and record management systems, Guy grasped redundancy with both hands in order to pursue a career more compatible with regular trips to the golf course. He works on a freelance basis performing a range of duties on Intuition’s portfolio of websites.


Favourite biscuit: Hobnob   

Favourite tipple: Shiraz

Favourite book: Enduring Love               

Favourite music: Van Morrison



philip archbold

Philip Archbold - Business Development Director

Philip joined Intuition Communication after 10 years in the print publishing sector, working on Automotive, Gift and Toy publications.  He has overall responsibility for business development on the 32 websites that Intuition Communication operate.  He also manages all the central London based healthcare providers.


Outside of work his main love is for his young family but this is closely followed by a love of cars. As well as boring anyone who will listen about anything to do with cars he competes in amateur motorsport in the BMW Kuhmo championship. He also plays Tennis badly and Golf REALLY badly. 

Tel: 01442 817811   Email: philiparchbold@privatehealth.co.uk


Favourite biscuit: Chocolate HobNob  

Favourite film: Cannonball Run 

Favourite book: Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy         Favourite band: Caravan Palace

Favourite tipple: Vodka and tonic


vivienne gibb

Vivienne Gibb - Consultant Sales Executive

Vivienne originally trained as a personal secretary and for years worked in London breweries.  She says she was always very popular at parties!  Since then she has been involved with publishing and media sales for more years than she would care to admit to!  For the last 7 years she has been our dedicated manager looking after all the consultants, doctors and surgeons on the sites.  Her spare time (what little she has!) is spent regularly in Scotland visiting family and friends and travelling abroad – her favourite pastime.  She used to dance Salsa 4 times a week (some say quite well) and would still, given half a chance!  (This was all down to Patrick Swayze! Hence the film!)  She has recently discovered Zumba which is a close 2nd to Salsa Dancing!!  Buying clothes, driving and gardening are also high on her list of priorities!

Email: viviennegibb@privatehealth.co.uk


Favourite biscuit: Weightwatchers Cookies   

Favourite tipple: Vodka and Slimline Tonic

Favourite book: Anything by Douglas Kennedy               

Favourite film: Dirty Dancing

Angela Turpin

Angela Turpin - Consultant Account Manager

Angela will focus on identifying new consultant clients. Angela’s previous roles include Medical Sales Representative for a leading pharmaceutical company, working with General Practitioners and Consultants in South West London. She then moved on to National Accounts - Customer Development Executive for Camelot.

At weekends Angela enjoys spending time with her young children, regular activities include going to the park and Zoo.

Tel: +44 (0) 1442 817822  Mob: 07794225448   Email: angelaturpin@privatehealth.co.uk


Favourite biscuit: Bourbon
Favourite book: Girl with Dragon Tattoo

Favourite band: Snow Patrol
Favourite film: Sea of Love Al Pacino

Tim Budgen

Tim Budgen - Sales Manager: Fertility Treatment Abroad

Tim has been in media ad sales for over 25 years working across a variety of sectors ranging from insurance to healthcare and logistics. From selling classified ad space in his early days to running global sales teams and divisions, he has a wealth of sales and sales management experience behind him.

He now works on Fertility Treatment Abroad as Sales Manager developing new business revenue streams and growing the client base.

Whilst he loves most sport he now manages to only play tennis and the odd game of golf. He says he would put himself on the same par (no pun intended) as Intuition's very own Steve Archibald when it comes to golf and tennis.

Tim works and lives in France with his family and is enjoying every minute of it....so far!

Tel: +44 (0) 1442 817829   Email: timbudgen@treatmentabroad.com

Favourite biscuit: Custard creams
Favourite film: Godfather I & II (must have both!)
Favourite tipple: Ice cold lager - not less than 4.5% though
Favourite band: Stone Roses
Favourite book: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy plus any other le Carre novel

Jamshid Habibi, Sales and Marketing Manager, Spain

Jamshid Habibi - Sales and Marketing Manager, Spain

Jamshid joined Intuition Communication after working in real estate and print advertising sales and marketing. He was involved in marketing and sales through both online channels and non online channels.  His overall responsibility is for advertising sales on treatment in Spain and 3 other sites Intuition Communication operates.  Besides work he enjoys reading and sports.

Email: jamshidhabibi@treatmentinspain.com


Favourite biscuit: Gingerbread 

Favourite tipple: Red wine 

Favourite book: Principles and Practice of Marketing      

Favourite film: Don Quixote


Maria Georga, Sales Representative for Greece

Maria D. Georga - Sales Representative for Greece

Maria joined Intuition after 10 years in the Management of Financial sector companies. She has the responsibility for advertisement sales of all the websites that Intuition Communication operates for overseas doctors.  A multi- faceted and multi-disciplinary individual. Maria has successfully balanced her active involvement in business, while dealing with philosophy, metaphysics and even book writing. She is also an active blogger for spirituality and healthy living. She loves swimming & horseback riding and she is also a vivid art lover. Due to all the before mentioned Maria has developed special skills in calming her friends when complaining that she never has time for them!   

Email: mariageorga@treatmentabroad.com


Favourite biscuit: Whole grain, no sugar cookies      

Favourite tipple: Greek Chardonnay

Favourite book: The Zahir by Paulo Coellho       

Favourite film: Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Last edited: 24/04/2013