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Acer computers: Customer reviews 5 (yes...even more!)

Acer computers: Customer reviews and experiences

If you're thinking of buying an Acer laptop computer, then I advise you to read about these experiences of Acer service and back up before you buy.


Read the Introduction to my Acer laptop computer experience where you find out why I went to the bother of creating these pages.


Read Acer customer experiences 1, Acer customer experiences 2, Acer customer experiences 3,Acer customer experiences 4, Acer customer experiences 6 to see yet more dire stories of how buying an Acer went badly wrong for some customers


If you have been through the mill with Acer, I am happy to publicise your experience, provided it is a fair and honest appraisal of what happened. Email details to keithpollardNOSPAMPLEASE@intuition-comms.co.uk. (Remove NOSPAMPLEASE to use this address).

1 September 2008: Acer Laptop Computer


This is regarding your expose` about the Acer computer experience.  I too bought an Acer 3680-2974 laptop computer.  Within first month there were problems.  The place of purchase at first tried to help at the counter and implied it was 'customer error.  The computer was 'freezing' and wireless Internet was difficult to access.  Finally in the sixth months after many returns to store they sent it for repairs.  Three months later it came back.  Exactly same problem still.  Finally after 2nd repair it has been returned and that problem solved.


But there is another concern beginning to ring a bell of alarm.  For a number of months I was working with the laptop on my lap.  I  never for a moment worried when I bought it would it be hazadarous for my health if my LAPTOP COMPUTER was on my lap.  But after a while my one thigh started to feel like pins and needles when it wasn't on my lap.  Then pain set into that area, now I am noticing a hardened lump in the thigh with a dull pain there.


I will be going to the doctor to have this checked.  Is there any evidence or others out there who are experiencing the same/similar conditions.


It so write in this forum, I would appreciate your thoughts.

Mary R.


6 May 2008: Acer


I thought I'd let you know about my little adventure with Acer here in Ireland. How these guys stay in business if beyond me. Hopefully it'll help people to make an informed decision before buying from them.


I bought a laptop from them in March of 2007. It worked fine for a while, then started acting weird - starting up really slowly, crashing, etc. I made a series of frustrating phone calls and eventually was told to send it back to them for repair. I put my suspicions that they were a bunch of clown shoes aside, and figured they'd get it sorted out.


It was away for a month, and when I got it back it had the exact same problem, and blue screened within 15 seconds of turning on. I told them it was still broken, and sent it back to them again. Almost 20 fruitless international phone calls and four months later they eventually said it was beyond repair. I argued and argued and eventually got a replacement.


Six weeks later the replacement arrived, and had about half the spec of my original model. I phoned them another five times until someone agreed it was inferior, and told me to send it in and they'd organise a replacement. The guy I was talking to was laughing and said he wasn't surprised I called, that the spec of the one they sent me wasn't even close. Another guy was so rude that I asked to speak to his manager. He told me I'd have to hang up and call back to get someone else, and ask to speak to their manager.


I sent the replacement back to them, only to have them courier it back to me. They called me, told me they had made a mistake, and asked that I return it to them again.


Eventually, after a total of more than 10 e-mails, 4 faxes, 40 phone calls and 7 months I received an equivalent model. Only, it turns out that it's also got a fault; the charger makes a loud buzzing noise. I e-mailed them to tell them and they say I have to send it back to them, and pay for shipping and insurance. They said they'll have a look, but that it may have to go back to Taiwan for a full inspection.

I also asked if they were going to entend my warranty to account for the seven months and they replied with an e-mail that simply said "No extension to warranty."


All-in-all, a very slow, rude and ineffective company. Hardly a master class in customer service, doncha think?








Read your experiences with Acer and thought you should hear about the problems I had with them. I had a TravelMate 2420 that I bought new and had covered by their extended warranty. The machine performed well, but developed a bad connection with the headphone socket- if you wiggled the headphone plug the sound would cut out. I knew my phones were okay as they worked perfectly on other audio equipment and other headphones showed the same problem when plugged into the laptop. So I arranged to have the machine collected by Acer (Infoteam) during September 2007- it went away and came back having no hardware replaced and several deep scratches in the casing that weren't there when it was sent. The only thing that they had done was to run a factory restore. I had to spend several hours re loading all of my applications; updating windows and guess what the original fault was still present. During the following three months the laptop went back to Infoteam another six times. Each time it came back to me with the same fault or something else wrong with it and in a factory restore condition.


After a replacement of the motherboard the laptop developed a problem with the keyboard that would only appear after extended use. The laptop was collected on a Monday and delivered back to me on Wednesday of the same week with the repair tag showing the keyboard as having been replaced and a factory restore being performed. needless to say after using it for a few hours the keyboard problem was still there. By now I was getting very fed up with all of the time that I was wasting by having to be at home for them to collect the computer and reload software, so I asked them to replace the laptop with a new one. The best they would offer is a factory refurbished machine- and considering their  inability to repair mine I declined their 'goodwill' offer.


Finally in January 2008 the laptop went back for so called in depth diagnostics and extended testing (Infoteam refused to provide me with detail of how they would conduct this). It was returned a week later by DHL Couriers and when I turned it on it was clear that the LCD Screen had a major problem. Despite being immediately issued with digital images of the screen and the packing that the computer had been shipped in all Infoteam wanted to do was to have me send it back to them again. To make matters worse they even wanted me to procure packing to send the box that the computer had been returned to me in back to them so that they could make a claim against DHL despite being told that it had no signs of external damage.


Since November 2007 I had written several times to the Company Secretary/ Financial Director at Acer UK Ltd in West Drayton informing him of the problems I was experiencing and he didn't have the common courtesy to respond to any of my letters. In order to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion I had to resort to issuing Proceedings for the original purchase price and they settled in full out of Court.


My experience of Infoteam is that their diagnosis and repair quality leaves a lot to be desired and that they haven't got the Customer's best interest at heart. Also Acer UK themselves are not really interested in Customers who take the time and trouble to write to one of their directors because they are so poorly served by the organisation that provides after sales service. So in circumstances I wouldn't buy another of their products and I certainly wouldn't recommend them.





7 February 2008: Acer travelmates


I'm a doctoral student.  I rely upon my laptop to access journals worldwide for research, communicate with colleagues in other parts of the country, and prepare my work for printing or publication.


I stumbled across your own experiences of Acer laptop failure and their customer service while looking online for what the beep codes mean when I switch on my TravelMate 4601LCi and it (sometimes) won't boot.  It's normally indicative of hard drive failure, but the different codes are a means of communicating what the problem is to computer engineers.


It doesn't bother me too much that I can't find details of the meanings of the beep codes online, since my hard drive has failed twice already, and on attempting to explain the beep codes I have had before to an 'engineer' - after waiting over 20 minutes each time in the customer service queue at 0870 rates during office hours - they had no idea what the problem was either.


When I first purchased my laptop in May 2006, there was already a problem with the hard drive.  It turned on only intermittently.  I was instructed to send it for repair - under warranty, and therefore free, but not without the hassle and expense of phone calls to Acer and their courier, and staying in all day twice to send and receive the machine.


After the first repair, I reinstalled everything I needed, and got back to work.  Within the month, I was required to burn a CD of music examples for a conference paper, and found the CD/DVD drive completely failed to work.  Apparently, this was another hard drive fault, and I was instructed to send it for repair once again!


At 12 months old, and now out of warranty (I got no extension, despite the replacement of parts), the CD/DVD drive failed again as I attempted to access a DVD of photos of my wedding.  My laptop is now 18 months old, and about to fail.  I have no intention of going through the waiting game with the repairers, as my thesis needs finishing in the next few months.  I am going to purchase something entirely different.


To anyone who has already had the misfortune of buying Acer and needing those repairs, may I suggest the geographical number, 01752 243890 (also 891-898, 901-912), courtesy of saynoto0870.com.  I wish I'd known this when I had to call.




(Oh - did I mention that, without excessive stress when opening, and with minimal travelling, the plastic sockets that hold the screen to the body have both cracked?..) 


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